Setting server IPs at home and setting the modem

OS type and version 22.04
Webmin version update
Virtualmin version update
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Hello friends
I can’t set up virtualmin because my server is at home and it’s connected to the fiber modem, and I don’t know which part is the connection problem. Can someone guide me exactly, how to set the server name, domain name, and IPs.
I can’t send and receive emails
Can anyone help?

To solve this problem, go to the following site and send a request to cancel the blocking

I sincerely thank everyone who made this software and worked for years to get here
Thank you

If this is a home set up you ISP is probably blocking port 25. They may, or may not, remove the block if you request it.

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It was giving the exact same error that it was blocked by the ISP, but I don’t understand how that website link solved this problem

The website link won’t help. It only gives information. Again, if your ISP is blocking port 25, only they can remove the block. Even if they do, reliable mail service will always be an issue from a home IP address.

What can be done so that port 25 is not used?
Sent emails are sent once, not sent three times
I have some other problems
I don’t know where to add the external IP of my modem to the server, is it necessary or not?
I think using an internal IP that does not have SSL cannot block port 25 from the firewall
Currently, the internal IP of the server is static and the external IP is also static.
The next problem is that the external IP gives an error in the name of the SSL certificate
How to solve this problem, I don’t know which part to fix

Hello MyGhost,

if you still need help let me know I can help
we have been running virtualmin for 15+ years

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I presume you made that a DMZ or done port forwarding to it?

Nothing. You literally cannot run a mail server without port 25. You can make your clients use alternate ports (there’s the submission port for this, which is SMTP on an alternate port, usually with authentication). But, you can’t make the mail servers of the world use any other port; if you want to send or receive mail to any other mail server you don’t control, it has to be on port 25. That’s the protocol. The port is blocked because that’s the SMTP port, and leaving it open leads to a lot of spam from compromised client systems.

If you must host mail on a home network without access to port 25, you’ll need a relay on the real internet that handles sending and receiving the mail.


Thank you for your guidance
You explain how to set it up

Yes, dmz modem is active

Thank you for your guidance
You explain how to set it up

Everything you need is here. You need to figure it out yourself. :smile:

Unless I’m completely misunderstanding what’s going on, this isn’t a firewall problem. It’s a “port 25 is not allowed by the provider” problem. No amount of firewall fiddling is going to do anything useful to make mail work without port 25 available.

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Check open ports and smtp service with these.

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Also, I think it’s a bad idea to send a newbie to a super complicated firewall setup guide, when they don’t need a super complicated firewall.

@joe you are right. The reason I sent it was because I have a section on setting up your webserver behind a firewall, but it is specific for pfsense. He did ask for instructions, lol.

Yes, it is blocked, I saw the sending error 25
I think this problem can be solved with proxy or Tor, I tested with terminal, port 25 465 587