Service SSL in Webmin

Hi everyone,
Firstly Happy & Blessed New Year 2020

I would like to ask about Service SSL on webmin. I have a VPS installed webmin control panel, and want to secure my control panel through SSL.

I have already created A Record in my domain registrar i.e. server1.domain.tld and now I am able to access my webmin panel through http://server1.domain.tld:10000

but now I want to active ssl on my webmin panel (service ssl) i.e. https://server1.domain.tld:10001

How can i do it? please guide me in this matter, stay blessed with new year

Happy New Year to you too! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can set it up and request certificate from Webmin/Webmin Configuration/SSL Certificates page.

You would need certbot command installed, which is installable from the repos. (CentOS 7 and 8 would need EPEL repos to be enabled/installed, by package name epel-release prior to installing certbot).

Thanks llia,
You means first install EPEL release and then install CERTBOT and then use webmin configuration -> SSL certificate. I will try it today.

And whats the method through “SSL Tunnel”?

I am not sure what you mean.

You can check at

I have tried but not successful, when creating ssl tunnel, an error came inetd is already using the service.

Please chk its & help me.

Try this tutorial.

I have tested this tutorial also, but the result is always failed…

Can I just log in and take a look?

Hi Ilia, yesterday, I have newly installed centos 7 and webmin/virtualmin, if you want to test at this configuration, I will provide you the server credential, I have this system for testing. Please provide me your email. You can test at my system and find the solution, please.

This might fall under Premium Support category, that you can order from Virtualmin site, and only if we have time.

sorry @Ilia, i can’t afford any premium support, If you have any solution please share me at the forum with thanks.

Sure, but only if I have spare time.

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Why do you need an SSL tunnel? That’s not needed to run Webmin over SSL.

I need to install ssl on my webmin panel (i.e. Service SSL like CPanel), I have read SSL Tunnel in If you have solution regarding Service SSL, please help me in the regard.

I don’t know what Service SSL in cPanel is. But, I’m pretty sure you don’t need SSL Tunnels for anything (very few people do).

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First make sure that you run latest Webmin 1.940, then follow this tutorial.

@Ilia, I have installed webmin version 1.940. The above tutorial is used a hosting account if domain is hosted on the same server, but in my case, my hostname is “”, it has A Record and use for only accessing the server using port, I want to install ssl on this service, its called Service SSL (like in CPanel), I have applied the same tutorial but failed.

Did you use DNS type validation or HTTP?

yes, DNS type validation. bcoz the hostname has only A Record, there is not any hosting.

Hmm, apparently, you should use HTTP challenge instead, in your case.