Serious issue with centos-8 when MariaDB 10.5 is pre-installed

hello - i originally posted this issue here. (wonder which forum is best?)

the issue is that virtualmin is trying to install mariadb-connector-c-devel which seems to “corrupt” the system. i found a simple workaround, just let virtualmin install whatever version of MariaDB it wants, currently10.3, then issue:

dnf -y remove mariadb-connector-c-devel ;

and use dnf to remove MariaDB and reinstall whatever version you want, such as 10.5.

this may be because of an issue in MariaDB as reported here and by MariaDB employee Jira.

this problem is easy enough to duplicate, just go to google-console and create a new Centos-8 VM, install MariadDB first (10.3-10.5) and then install virtualmin.


Virtualmin is not trying to install mariadb-connector-c-devel. I don’t even know what that is.

Don’t pre-install software. The Virtualmin installer needs to be run on a freshly installed, supported, OS. If you pre-install stuff, you’re on your own. It is not expected to work, and we’re not gonna try to make it work.

If you need to customize, you have to customize it after you install Virtualmin. That’s absolutely not negotiable. It’s literally impossible for us to support every possible combination of software somebody might install. Hell, it’s already impossible to handle freshly installed distros sometimes, because sometimes they change out from under us (CentOS less so than Ubuntu).

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thanks joe – its been several years since i installed Virtualmin. this is probably a bug with MariaDB and certainly not Virtualmin.

if there is any comfort in all of this, at least a somewhat serious issue with MariaDB has been exposed.

I don’t think it’s a bug. You’re trying to mix and match packages from different sources and maintainers.

Edit: to be clear, the “bug” you’re discussing over there on the Mariadb forum isn’t, unless I’m misunderstanding something.

Maybe it’d be best just to use the database provided by your OS?

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when i originally mentioned this on the MariaDB forum, somebody named Jira created the bug report (not me):

Centos-8 does not provide an initial database, just like redhat. i dont think any of them provide an initial db.

hopefully my recent donation i made to webmin helps to compensate for my ongoing irritating issue. :grin:. thank you for your patience with me.

CentOS has both MariaDB and PostgreSQL in the OS repositories. Virtualmin installs and configures mariadb, by default.

Unless you have an extraordinarily good reason to install third party packages, don’t.

thank you very much joe. is this considered to be a “third party” installation?

curl -LsS | sudo bash  ;
dnf --assumeyes  install MariaDB-server MariaDB-client   ;

got it from here:

Yes, of course it is! That’s not a package provided by CentOS. Use the packages provided by your OS, unless you have an extraordinarily good reason to do otherwise.

We have no experience with that package and we don’t test with that package. It is not expected to work without modifications to the Webmin and Virtualmin configurations, and you should know what you’re doing if you go down that path. It is not a drop-in replacement, and it is not a bug (in Virtualmin or in MariaDB’s packages) that it doesn’t act like a drop-in replacement, it looks different (paths are different, filesystem layout is different, package names are different…you can dump/restore databases across them, but they are not easily intechangeable).

And, if you must install from third party sources (against our recommendation) you cannot do it before installation of Virtualmin. Do not pre-install any software (including from CentOS), especially software that Virtualmin depends on in its yum groups or interacts with. Let the install script do its job. Then, if you need to customize what packages and versions are installed or add more packages, do so afterward. And, if you’re considering adding third party repositories (including upstream provider’s packages, like this one) do so only after understanding the implications.

I don’t know how to be more clear: We can’t test every combination of software and we can’t keep up with all the differences (paths, log locations, file names, service names, package names, etc.) that are possible. The possibilities are effectively infinite, and our time is very much finite. We test our supported distributions with the packages we install from the OS vendor repositories (and sometimes with some optional other repos that are semi-official like SCL or EPEL). That’s it.

There’s nothing wrong with the CentOS MariaDB packages, so why are you so insistent on doing all this extra work?

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i apologize, Joe. i incorrectly assumed i could/should just blindly follow the MariaDB instructions, and you are absolutely correct that i was not considered the implications.

system admin is one of my weakest areas i am sorry to admit.

thank you again for your patience.

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Sorry I got grouchy. :wink:

I can see how it’d be confusing and you’re not the first to be confused by all this, especially if coming from systems that don’t have darned near everything in the OS repos (hell, Windows and Mac don’t even have package managers with repositories, really…they’re kinda stuck in the 90s on that front…I guess they have app stores, now, but that’s a shitty implementation of the idea, IMHO, especially for servers).

Anyway, just install Virtualmin on a freshly installed OS as documented on our download page. It sets up everything most people need to get started hosting, including a database. If it turns out you need something different, you can cross that bridge when you come to it. But, always try to get it first from the OS standard repos. It makes your life easier, and it’s more likely we’ve used it and can help if you have problems.

no worries at all, Joe. you and the webmin-virtualmin community are absolutely fantastic, and i am thrilled to be a tiny part of it.

i sure wish you had been around when i tried going up to a later version of PHP and did some serious damage, which i am still dealing with today. i am also using that as an excuse to move from C7 to C8. your wisdom and insight would have spared me much grief.

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