Root shell not coming up giving python errors for KVM instance

OS type and version REQUIRED
Webmin version REQUIRED
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Debian 12
Latest 2.05 webmin I believe NOV20
Latest 8.9 cloudmin I believe NOV20

Try to open a root shell and it says: ajax term no python available.

sudo apt-get install python-is-python3

Seemed to fix this dependency issue now it gives me some status message and tries to connect.

port 10001 can’t connect error better than you don’t have the right software on your system to run your system error that was there before might want to include that in the setup maybe?


Forlotto, Can you please add Jamie in on these or add the bugs to github as they need to be fixed properly … Its looking like Deb 12 is just a no go at this time for Cloudmin, which is annoying to say the least

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Updated the script in the other post to reflect this fix and a couple of other tidbits of nfo that should help things go a little smoother for the crew to do the script update “Hopefully” Just trying to throw a shoe in and help without trying to step on peoples toes.

Contains a lot of discovery and info on Debian12 and the script as well as package issues and updates. Be it the right way or wrong way to go about it it should save them a bit of digging. That is my hopes.

We’re actually going to resolve this in a better way by switching from the Ajaxterm root shell to the Websockets-based one that’s part of Webmin. That will break the Python dependency…

Odd I think other functions still hold python dependency isn’t it?

The Terminal is essentially defunct it would appear in any shape or form you cannot view text input on the screen everything you type is hidden as if you are typing a password. And the output after hitting enter is messy just like the overlay.

Yeah I don’t know that cloudmin is capable of supporting Debian12 without some in depth work you’ll surely have to make a week of it or whatever.

Would be nice if we could have some videos or whatever of setup from start to finish I’m a bit skeptical that I am setting things up right from a networking perspective on KVM I can set it up the same way on one NIC.

I mean my setup is rather basic I wanted to have a server that would serve up some machines that I could host with keeping my website separate on one vm and the websites of friends on another vm more or less that was the goal.

I’m starting to think maybe something like Virtual Machine Manager or Boxes from the gnome project might work then I could install instances of virtualmin on each machine more or less. I’m just not sure if it will be as full featured doing it that way as I like the ability to backup and manage things for a single interface. Well looks like Boxes don’t work all that hot hangs at downloading the image sheesh guess I’ll have to give VMM a shot.

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