Quota on sub-servers

I’ve found this “pretty old” thread with nearly the same question… but still have an question for it:

Regarding to this question… I’ve found this in the docs:

But I wonder how exactly the quota stuff work for Parent & Sub-Servers.

In the above posting, it seems @Eric means, that you have to set the Quota for the Parent-Server (which is Unlimited for my current one)… and that all Subservers have impact on the chosen amount.
Means if I set disk-space-quota to 10GB and create 5 Subservers a 2GB, then I can not add any more subserver to it, right?!?

BUT is there a way to archive this:

  1. Set Parent-Server to “Unlimited”
  2. Set Sub-Servers to a given Quota “e.g. 2GB”
    So that you can add as many Subservers as you like, but the subserver themself have only a limited quota