Purchased SSL Certificate, not sure how to setup server part

I purchased a SSL certificate and installed it on my server that had previous admin panel of ISPCONFIG 3… it was working great…
ISPConfig 3 Admin panel worked and all the domains worked also.
NOTE: But I lost that hard drive because of a major twister storm that put a hugh 200 year old tree across my little home…


I have installed and got working now Virtualmin/Webmin on my server…

but the SSL is not working on the Virtualmin Admin Panel

I have been trying for 3 days now to get the SSL to work, but I am at a lost.
Can you help me get the server secured.

I got my main domain website secured. It works great. But none of the my other domains I have on my server (4 Domains Total) are working with SSL.

Works -----------> thenet4you.net
Doesn’t work --> thenet4you.net:20000

How do we fix the SSL stuff ???

In Virtualmin >> Server Configuration >> SSL Certificate, click the buttons which say Copy of Webmin and Copy to Virtualmin. You could also go on to click Copy to Postfix and Copy to Dovecot if you wish to apply that certificate to those services.

Thank you for responding to my issue with SSL
I already did what you are suggesting step-by-step.
But it did not work…

Also, all my other Domains on my server are not working with any SSL certificate.

Problem still exists. Please help!!!

The certificate is only for one domain. So it will only work with one domain.
Make sure to reload webmin and to enable redirection to https.

Just found my problem!!!

You have to add _acme-challenge to your DNS server… where ever you have your domains setup… Once you do that, then you can request and get your SSL certificate and then you are set. Also, be sure to re-direct your websites to the https:// link.

You can check your website by going to http://www.rexswain.com/httpview.html

You can also check to see if your website is LOCKED by going to

Your website, like mine, should now be showing the LOCK PICTURE beside your domain name!!

Thank you for reading and working with me on this vital issue. Please add this to your documentation.

TheNet4You Tech Support

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