Procmail global + per user

OS type and version Rocky 9
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10

I have procail working. Like in the post Procmail not use per user config I have enabled per user procmail. so I can create custom filter for single user.
Are all global procmail rules still executed?

I noticied that inserting (in the user .procmailrc), a config row like:
it superceded the general/global:

Is there a way to have logs both in the global and in the single user file?

Thanks, P.

this might be of relevance to you

Procmail in Webmin when you use per domain spam filtering in virtualmin will be disabled in future version of virtualmin.

Thanks for your replay.
May be I have miss something, but I can’t find something of relevance in that thread,
I’m not interested in spam filtering at domain level.
My only interest is using procmail to filter incoming mail to have them automatically stored in specific folders.
It works as usual (I do this from decades).
My doubts/couriosity with this new installed server are those I had mentioned in my post:

  • If I use a user specific .procmailrc, are all global procmail rules still executed?
  • Is there a way to have logs both in the global and in the single user log file?

Thanks, P.

This is going to get disabled when Virtualmin is configured to handle spam on a per domain basis.
Webmin --> Servers --> SpamAssassin Mail Filter --> Procmail Spam Delivery

from Jamie

Yes, it will hide that icon. I think this is the only safe option, as allowing the admin to setup a global procmail rule for spam will interfere in a potentially confusing way with per-domain settings.