Problems with Webmin 1.981 update

Hello everyone

I made the webmin 1.981 update, since some configuration pages are partially displayed. Some options are missing compared to version 1.973, particularly in “virtualmin configuration”, “postfix configuration” (“The Postfix supervisor command does not exist. Maybe your module configuration is incorrect”, (unable to access the module configuration )).
Same thing with a new install on another server.
So I am stuck and do not understand.
Is anyone having similar issues with the new update?

My setup:
Debian 10, php 7.3, 7.4, 8.0
iptables-backports (1.8.5) replaces the version installed by webmin. (I’ve been doing this for a long time without a problem).

Can we reinstall version Where is it found?

Thanks for an answer.



You don’t need to reinstall old versions. And, you shouldn’t make any config changes to try to work around it.

There have been several posts about it (though I’ve been unable to reproduce it locally so I don’t actually know what is happening). I suspect just restarting the webmin service will resolve the problem. Other threads about the problem have other suggestions, e.g. After latest Webmin upgrade configuration wizard - #7 by shillongserver

We’ll roll another update once we figure out what’s actually causing it. Seems to be specific to the deb package version (I think, some folks have neglected to mention their OS/version), which is what makes me think it’s not restarting for some reason.

In Ilia’s testing (so far) he said he has found that Webmin wasn’t restarted after upgrading on a Debian system. So, I think that hints that restarting Webmin is all that’s needed to solve this problem. We’re still trying to figure out why it doesn’t restart.


Thank you for your reply. I take a little time to test and I give you the result

I installed a new server, Debian10 (2 or 3 times … :weary::joy:). Everything is fine until installing postgresql from webmin. (v11). The problems remained the same and restarting webmin did not change anything. I was able to sort out by finding this post: Webmin / Bugs / #5322 postgresql server modul don't show database after upgrade 11.5 to 12. I have reinstalled postgresql 13.4 and so far everything is ok.
If that can help a little.

Why would you keep doing the same thing and expecting different results? Also, please do not change the subject. Start a new topic for new problems. This is obviously completely unrelated to updating Webmin.

OK sorry.
(All this happened on the same server, I didn’t think about starting another topic).

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