Problems with connection

OS type and version ubuntu20.04.6
Virtualmin version 7.7 pro

hello can anyone hellp me im trying to connect to wordpress to setup the installstion i also get the same when i try to connect to my roundcube server too

Before installing anything, get you default page working first. Your trying to run before you can crawl :slight_smile:

Looks like a router issue again.

First test to do is a ping

yes i have done that and its showing the same as yours

So have your routers changed?

no they are still the same ones as before nothing has changed

IP hasn’t changed?

no i have checked everything

You used “whats my ip” to test the public ip

yes its still saying the same ip address for the public ip

when i check my dns on mxtoolbox its saying this ip

but i want to keep the one i had before as that one was working

No idea then. Something is blocking traffic to VM

i have checked my firewll on virtualmin and it looks ok to me

VW firewall by default should work fine. VM local IP is the same?

I thought you had a static ip but it appears to have changed but what is the website ? Wordpress or something else

yes i havent changed anything except i had to do a freash install of ubuntuserver and webmin/virtualmin thats the only thing i have done everything else like the network settings on the sky hub and on the router has stayed the same

its wordpress

this is what i keep getting on mxtoolbox when i check the https and http

Local ip is still for the vm

yes nothing has changed at all