Problem with email client

I have a problem with Thunderbird, after I added a mail (before all was working)

I receive this: “SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication”

I tried also to setup withoout SSL or STARTTLS but always get an error

Should I try to stop “Fail2Ban”?

The mail client is a possibility. Before whitelisting my IP I managed to get banned because of failed Thunderbird logins. The ban will show up in Fail2ban’s log.

I think this is all you need to unban:

fail2ban-client set [jailname] unbanip [ip]

Make sure you’re whitelisted in jail.local.

ignoreself = true
ignoreip = [localhost IP] [wan IP] etc.

If a ban isn’t the problem, try Thunderbird using plain text logins and insecure ports, i.e. 25 and 143. If insecure logins work there could be a certificate problem preventing secure logins.

thanks, but I have not always the same IP
Now I’ll try to see the logs

I recently tried to setup an account in thunderbird and it wouldn’t play ball. Until I set it into offline mode, added the account and then put it back into online mode - worked after that.

How can I use plain text with thunderbird?

edit: dont work with plain text, IP now is similar but different since last time (X.X.Y.Y -> only Y changed)
however after 24 hours should be unbanned (I see in the logs that). My first try was 8th june

thunderbird says: “Connection was refused”

@Dibs is onto something, sometimes Thunderbird is stubborn. If all else fails try removing the account and adding it back. New setups are a PITA but it has solved connection problems for me before.

Postfix is probably requiring TLS/SSL and that would have to be changed before attempting insecure logins. I should have mentioned that.

I have tried also this:

but doesnt work,

In “Mail.log” I dont have my IP neither “connection refused”

However, last week I had 2 account working, only after I tried to add another, then all stop working. I have another account with virtualmin (another server) that is working.

Could I see my mail with usermin? Or I need a software like webmail?
edit:I have find that

Secure IMAP should be SSL and port 993. SMTP should be SSL with port 465 or STARTTLS with port 587. Normal password should be ok (it’s being encrypted).

dont work

I have logged with usermin, mail is fine. Should I see the postfix log?

I saw that dovecot is down

similar to:

I have restarted dovecot and now is working.
Next reboot I’ll see if will start

It’s a good sign if Usermin is sending and receiving messages, but it never hurts to look at logs. With Usermin no configuration is necessary besides login credentials and mail either works or it doesn’t. Same for Roundcube and other webmail clients.

Thunderbird is a remote client that accesses servers differently. So I suggest using webmail to verify servers are working well before tussling with Thunderbird, especially if Thunderbird triggers Fail2ban.

was dovecot that shutted down few days ago

@wolfseo - out of curiosity, have you rebooted the server since to see if everything comes back as it should?

not yet, now all is working, hoping that next reboot dovecot will start automatically (as always until this problem appeared)

@wolfseo - fingers crossed it does. :wink:

Me - I like to be sure. If it was mine, I would reboot it and know. LOL

Hello, I did not reboot, but today again dovecot stopped to work (alone)

Let’s make progress here… Paste your cof somewhere and share it wit us… I am talking about conf for your sasl settings, no password or username is shared there. I’m just cutting out rubbish here and there. And open ports… Thanks