Problem of compatibility between apache and virtualmin/webmin

Operating system Debian Linux 11
Webmin version 2.013
Virtualmin version 7.5

When running the Install Script phpmyadmin
Fatal Error!
Failed to install script : This script cannot be installed, as no compatible PHP versions were found.

The install of Debian and Webmin is new…

Is there still a problem of compatibility between apache and virtualmin / webmin ?

What’s the PHP version you’re currently running?

There is 7.4, 8.2

But the web site setting on Virtualmin offers only one option for PHP

PHP options for this domain
PHP script execution mode Disabled

That may be the problem. Try to install a newer PHP version on your server.

The latest is 8.2

Try changing between PHP modes and see if you get the option to select PHP versions.

Where can I change PHP mode on Virtualmin Webmin ?

Server Configuration > PHP Options

It was empty. Only Disabled shown.

But I add more PHP modules to Debian And now it is ok !
Thank you, you put me in the right direction.

  • apt-get install php8.2 php8.2-fpm php8.2-mysql libapache2-mod-php8.2 libapache2-mod-fcgid -y
  • apt-get install php8.2-zip

Some Debian maintainer keeps a list of all php package versions. I just went through this. You can then chose based on what’s needed.
deb bullseye main

But still after installing phpmyadmin via Virtualmin,
Still a 404 error when reaching with the URL provided by the phpmyadmin script.
Is that an Apache config that should be done manually ?

Yes it helped !

Also if I set a second website with a first letter before the first website, then Accessing the first leads to the second // even if I try to disable it.

It is so difficult to use Virtualmin with Apache. I know that it is even more difficult with Nginx.

So how come with 2 site created by Virtualmin Apache leads to the wrong site ?

I’ve never used Virtualmin and Apache. So I can’t provide much help. But I have to disagree with your nginx comment. It works great for me. Although I haven’t tested phpMyAdmin installer recently. This is how I setup servers,

I wish I could keep Nginx but it is too difficult with Drupal sites. This is why I move back to Apache2.

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you did install the repo and use this method?

No I didn’t use this method.
I will do it now. Thank you ;-).

This link gives a good guideline w/ Checking Configuration
I can see that Apache does not support HTTP/2 : Missing Apache mod_http2 module
But in the Virtualmin Documentation I cannot see a process for Apache mod_http2.

I find it strange as PHP-FPM is activated :
The following PHP execution modes are available : fpm
The following PHP-FPM versions are available : 7.4.33 (php7.4-fpm) 8.1.16 (php8.1-fpm) 8.2.3 (php8.2-fpm)


Not to mention that phpMyAdmin has modest PHP requirements:

It’s absolutely unnecessary to have to run to some unofficial repo to get the latest version of PHP 8 for Debian 11

By all signs, you simply haven’t installed PHP and Apache properly

Whats that mean, the repo I posted is the only way to add PHP versions with Virtualmin, that why it in the documentation of Virtualmin.

I’ll rephrase what I was trying to say:

  • Debian 11 comes with PHP-7.4
  • phpMyAdmin is happy with PHP-7.4
  • For the sake of phpMyAdmin , there’s no need to install multiple PHP versions
  • phpMyAdmin works fine with Apache

I don’t see how installing multiple PHP versions can/could address the OP’s issue, but at the same time, the OP didn’t succeed very well in describing/diagnosing their issue (as I suggested)

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