Pro advert tip on GPL System Info panel still replaced by HASH

OS type and version RedHat 8
Webmin version 2.001
VirtualMin version 7.5

very similar to what I reported back in Aug 2022, but today only the Virtualmin Framed Theme has the issue while Authentic displays things correctly.

On the brand new blank RedHat box I let do everything to get webmin and virtualmin installed and configured !! Of course then I had to go manually install wbt-virtual-server-theme – my YUM command found 9.4-1 in the NoArch repo (VirtualMin v7 setup) and installed it.

Then I went to Webmin – Webmin Configuration – Webmin Themes to select my alternate theme and now see:

instead of something like this that is shown when using the Authentic Theme:

Note the green box announcing the added value from PRO. I believe that is what is contained in the HASH I am seeing in the other theme – the HASH is not being processed correctly I’m guessing.

Are the forums the wrong place for this – should I be posting someplace on github?

Possibly related – has wbt-virtual-server-theme been moved to a new home at github, perhaps forked or taken over by new supporters – if so do I need a new repo definition to find any recent releases – I see notes suggesting v9.8 of the Theme was released in May 2022?

BUT WAIT – now that I have re-read that new github page, it now says – Archived by Owner Nov 2022 – ReadOnly Now. Is this the retirement/death of the Virtualmin Framed Theme ??

Also of note — while the Gray Framed Theme is not useful to me as I need the VirtualMin panels, when I do try it, it also suffers from the HASH problem :slight_smile:


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Did you switch to Framed Theme, which is the maintained variant of that theme? (As discussed here: Is Virtualmin Framed Theme still supported and being developed?)

I do need to get the latest versions of everything and see if the issue still exists !!

Might be a few days …

just updated my test server to webmin 2.013 and Virtualmin 7.5

and the HASH issue is gone when using the (new) Framed Theme !!!

great work everyone !!

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