Please help Upgrade webmin not working

OS type and version REQUIRED
Webmin version REQUIRED

Operating system: AlmaLinux Linux 8.5
Webmin version: 1.984

I tried sudo dnf upgrade webmin but not upgrading.

[]# sudo dnf install webmin
Last metadata expiration check: 2:42:32 ago on Thu 14 Apr 2022 10:58:20 AM CEST.
Package webmin-1.984-1.noarch is already installed.
Dependencies resolved.
Nothing to do.

It doesnt really update to the latest version.
There is no update button on webmin dashboard also.
Please can someone help me out?

Isn’t this the same as Upgrading to latest webmin version 1.990 ?

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Ok. But I don’t really know how to go about this other than what I did now.
If anyone can point me in the right direction am ready to follow it.
Currently I can edit my config.php file and the moment I try it will hang and I will have to reload the whole page.

I have no idea what you’re talking about? config.php? Webmin has nothing to do with anything in PHP.

I mean when I want to edit files on my Wordpress website installation through file manager it doesn’t open. Please when I get to my pc i will screenshot and show you to understand what I mean.
Thank you sir.

As i read your topics , and before i did write i think you didn’t the installation the way it should.

For the Virtualmin support it is important if you write what and how you installed ALL. :wink:
You did write in other topic you also have virtualmin installed, but starting your topicas with only webmin version…???

Also the installed "YUM " packages and repo’s

Do a forum or websearch for how to install virtualmin on alma, you could even then find the install howto script for version 7.

Is your box in production or still in installation fase?

It’s been in production for 2 years now. It was centos before I upgraded to Almalinux.
This is exactly the video tutorial I used when I started then
It’s from a lady called pombunny. After some some months I upgraded to almalinux.

As you say [quote=“mesh, post:3, topic:114796”]
yeah its both webmin and virtualmin on my dashboard

EDIT: That installation is for Webmin panel. I could be wrong but the name is " How to Setup (Contabo) VPS + Free Webmin Panel + Install SSL + Wordpress - Ultimate Tutorial"

You should have then only webmin.

So YUP i think it is a wrong installation or something the way you do updates… causing you trouble afterwards.

If you are also using Virtualmin you should install Virtualmin according the instructions here on Forum ( Joe pointed on this forum out a 7.0 installation script for if using alma or centos 8.x) and website for
Documentation – Virtualmin then also within that is webmin installed from other (virtualmin) package!

I can’t help you,
Ask @Joe if production is important or someone else maybey payed support as @tpnsolutions

EDIT: Also that movie does have / do the virtualmin installation script as it should to start so maybe updated??

While you did things from sourceforge?

[quote=“mesh, post:1, topic:114796”]
wget Download Webmin from
[/quote] and not as should from
wget Download Webmin from


So if movie is updated and was doing in old version the Contabo WEBMIN only before then the installtion was also was wrong, i can’t find out.

It’s up to 2 years I have run this with no issues. Just 3 days ago I was unable to edit files in my website installation and also cpu started hitting 100. I may have wrongly installed and as this has many servers setup will it be possible to fix without affecting them.

I have not encountered anything like this for 2 years now and I have steadily successfully edited the files given me headache just few days.

I’m just shocked and can give access to my root if anyone can really give time to help and check.

Sorry i have changed my reaction while the name of that movie was only webmin installation.

But seems that in real it was virtualmin installation.
So the installation could be OK then.

But afterwards you did go of the path , so you have to find out why you split / decided to the webmin (repo)package to update from sourceforge.

@joe did point you that manual update as you did probably was wrong and you have to find out the cause/ source for it.

Don’t know if @tpnsolutions has time, while vmin support themselves have not much , some one else?

I have only little experience so i can’t help, specially if there are troubles as this kind.

Very important you have to get very good working backups of data and databases on other locations outside this box saved, also check them before if they have all the data and databases are in filled!

Could be a hacked wordpress also or failed udpates yes or no wordpress or plugins!

For that 100% CPU you can use HTOP htop - Wikipedia and log files to find out more

I resolved every other issue now remaining the cpu fluctuation. Thanks

Hello Would be nice for a free software and users reading here on support forum if you put the detailed solution here? :wink:


Installing from source forge means you likely installed Webmin which while being the core of Virtualmin technically is the wrong way of installing Virtualmin as it often leads to unclean install going from Webmin to adding Virtualmin components.

The correct way to get a clean install is by way of the Virtualmin “” script on a clean, base installed, “grade a” distribution.

I am available for paid support to get Virtualmin GPL installed and setup for usage. My rates are affordable for most and work is completed over a screen sharing session generally so you can learn and ask questions.

To request my support, you can send me a private message here or visit

Please make sure to indicate timezone and availability with your request. I’m personally on the west coast of Canada.

*** Current time locally is approx. 8 am PST ***

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