Planning to create a Syncthing app for Virtualmin


Two of the components of are Virtualmin and Syncthing.

We already have a basic integration and it’s time to take it to the next level.

I want us to add Syncthing in the list of Virtualmin backup options. This will permit automatic/unattended P2P backups to just about any device.

Please see:

Are there any Syncthing users here who would like to be Beta testers?


WikiSuite founder


Does Syncthing have an API documentation?

I would like to be a beta tester please.

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Yes: REST API — Syncthing documentation


Thanks, I’ll give it a read when I have a moment, then discuss with the team my findings. No guarantee on implementation and/or timeframe. However I’m sure if it’s easy enough to implement and seems viable it’ll definitely get consideration for a future release as we’re always looking for good features.

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Just reading WikiSuite | Syncthing , your page is shifting all the time as the screenshots are different heights, whoever created the page might like to fix that. Little bit annoying when reading the text.

Right, that is weird. I added on the todo, as a low priority.

Is it possible to stop the images flipping?

Someone will eventually say that Syncthing is for synching, and not a backup solution, but with the versioning feature I would argue that it works well.

Good luck!

I worked in a shop that rsynced all the important servers for quick access to emergency backup. But, we also had tape backup with rotation with one back up off location.

@Randomz @stefan1959 I updated the page as per your suggestions. Thank you.

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