Pin/unpin button missing, auto-collapses

[UPDATE: I see this behavior is just what happens when I make the window under a certain width. Solved by making my browser window wider.]

Upon a recent webmin update, my navigation menu is permanently un-pinned. The “pin/unpin” button at the bottom of the navigation menu is missing. Theme configuration > Navigation menu > “Show pin/unpin button” is set to ‘Yes’. Keyboard shortcut “alt-a” has no effect. How can I pin the menu?

OS type and version Debian Linux 10
Webmin version 2.101
Authentic Theme version 21.04

I believe it varies based upon screen size so like if there are half screen modes the menu has the 3 lines you must click on to access it. I believe this is so it is viewable on things like phones and such and can handle all screen sizes and still be useable more or less. So likely a feature rather than a bug.

Surely before implementing such “features” it is important to identify the client browser first to know if such a “feature” is of any use.
Otherwise it is a bug or a least an annoyance to other users?

You need the sidebar to collapse on small screen width else it covers most of the screen.
In one of my projects I tried a fluid sidebar … it was awful so I have done the same as Illia here used css media queries to adjust the sidebar behavior below a certain screen width, That said I am looking at using mobile detection in the document load function to achieve the same thing which may then accommodate for people shrinking there desktop browser window below the width you would normally expect from a mobile device

That point is surely a good one.

Firmly with you on this if you could leave menu at 1/2 screen or above.
These days we have it pretty good compared to the old days I will say that but still the menu is mission critical when using webmin etc… There are limited ways of resizing once you get to certain sizes you run into wrap issues then the whole thing goes Klunky. There is a solution out there for dang near everything though the the right amount of time or money or effort though nearly.

Yes that is the best way. Do not assume everyone will use a mobile - they don’t, don’t assume a particular browser (Safari) or even OS. There are still too many variables out there. IE anyone!

by the same token why would you shrink a browser window on a larger screen to a width of <600px (guess) that bit doesn’t make sense either

When you have multiple browsers and other application open at the same time. (eg Task view in Windows) lets me see updates while working on other “screens”

Whats windows ? :thinking: not seen windows this century :scream:

A feature rather than a bug, as the pin/unpin button is always hidden on small screens.


I figured as much.
I mean in theory I can’t see why someone wouldn’t just startup another desktop page or maybe consider the use of dual monitors at that rate if your doing something like this enough to be an issue.

But it would be nice if the menu did stay at 1/2 screen at least for folks that are a bit well stuck in their ways but not the end of the world I use it half screen and click the 3 dashes on rare occasions when I need to copy a command or something.

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