Phpmyadmin on virtualmin don't load

I’ve installed the Phpmyadmin inside a virtual host with virtual min, but when i try to load the url the browser show the php code.
How can i fix ?


So i’m the only one with this issue ?

hi, ill guess you see the code because you have installed it on the default server, so you have to create a virtual server and then add phpmyadmin to your root, or if you prefer the other feature to install phpmyadmin by the script option.

I’ve installed the script inside a virtual server, in a sub-directory of public_html.

does the document root start with /var or /home in your apache options in webmin not virtual min?

The document root of existing virtual hosts is /home

php might not be properly installed, i know from experience that the default server is not configured to run any scripts, so creating the virtual server is a must under virtual min not webmin if you have created a virtual server in the apache options there wont be running any scripts since virtual min has be configured to only configure the made Virtual Hosts, i dont know what the problem can be, the only thing i know

I’ve created a test folder inside the public_html with a index.php file with phpinfo() and works fine, so maybe the phpmyadmin don’t work inside a virtual server.

why dont you try phpmyadmin with script installation on virtualmin

With a new virtual server ? But which domain name i’ve to use ?

In virtualmin (VM), it should say at the top, and from there you need to go to install scripts within VM and install phpmyadmin. It will tell you the url of where it is installed probably at

From what I gather, if you have multiple domains you have to install phpmyadmin for each domain to access the DBs for and then, etc.

Yes but doesn’t work.

phpmyadmin should work out of the box (if you know what I mean :o)

I’ve set it up on a number of servers and running the Install Script installs it to the specified folder, I can’t say what the problem you are having is.

I did have a problem with PHP versions on a new server, I think for the version of svn I had to use PHP v5.x

I also install phpmyadmin once on my main server domain and use it to access any database on the server, so you don’t need to install on each domain

Another tip I would do is to specificy a different folder name for it, don’t use the defaut but something like ‘phpmy_brian’, less chance of hackers trying to break in ;o)

I’ve PHP v5.x and v7.x on my server.

I know that phpmyadmin should work out of the box, i’ve installed several times in many servers and works fine, i’ve this issue with virtualmin/webmin.

I’m just trying to think aloud :o)
it sounds a strange problem, what version of phpmyadmin and PHP are you using ?

I don’t have an answer but can always look at my configuration on one of my servers

phpMyAdmin 5.0.2 (Latest)
PHP 7.2.24


mine is phmyadmin (4.8.5)
PHP 5.4

did you try using PHP 5.x ?

Nope, where can i config to load the php 5.4 for specific folder?

how did you install it, did you use install script ?

Server Configuration, PHP Versions

Yes i’ve used the script.
In server configuration i’ve Default HTML directory with php 7.2 and empty field with php 5.6.40, but i’ve change the default configuration to 5.6 the website don’t work because i’ve the latest version of wordpress on this virtual host and the template need php 7.2.