Pause letsencrypt renewals for disabled servers

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.999
Virtualmin version 7.1-1

My concern is similar to Disable letsencrypt renew of certificates for disabled domains. Was it done so that the disabled servers don’t display any warning or does it actually pauses renewals? I have 2 disabled servers and I can see in letsencrypt log that its trying to renew those domains (and failing).

Any way of currently pausing renewals for disabled servers?


Select disabled server on virtualmin server dropdown menu, and go to Server Configuration > SSL Certificate
Go to Let’s Encrypt tab and set Automatically renew certificate? option to No.


I have no way of saving this though. Both buttons give me error " Failed to request certificate : Cannot request certificate for disabled domains". Or am I missing something?

Just set option to No and press Only Update Renewal button.

Like I said, both buttons give me that error. Shouldn’t this happen automatically though when server is disabled?

So I enabled the server, turned off auto renewal like Cypher said and disabled the server again but in the log, letsencrypt is still trying to renew the cert for that domain.

I also have a problem that letsencrypt doesn’t autorenew certs for certain domains, I do it manually every 3 months. Could this be related?

Can someone suggest me what I can check for this problem?

Pause letsencrypt renewals for disabled servers

That already should be happening with Virtualmin 7.2.

I think letsencrypt is out of sync or something, trying to renew domains that its not supposed to and not renewing others that it should. Does that give you an idea what could be wrong with my system?

The Virtualmin background status collection should be enabled on the host for this feature to work. It can be checked if that’s enabled on Webmin / Webmin ⇾ Webmin Configuration: Webmin Scheduled Functions page (i.e. look for job).

If the job called is missing it can be re-enabled using System Settings ⇾ Virtualmin Configurations ⇾ Status collection page. Please note that for the Virtualmin status collection job to be re-configured it requires to re-run config check manually (i.e. System Settings ⇾ Re-Check Configuration).

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