Password is not set when creating MariaDB user

OS type and version Oracle Linux 8.7
Virtualmin version 7.5
MariaDB version 10.3.35

I created a new user from the MariaDBserver item in the Webmin menu.
The password you set is not reflected and you cannot log in.

If you change the password by editing the created user, it will be reflected successfully.

Is there a way to set a password when creating a new user?


Can you send a screenshot of how you filled out the form when creating the user?

I will attach a screenshot.
There are three items to change: username, password, and host.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check.

That is some pretty tough english :rofl: might wanna make it easier by switching to English text for a bit if at all possible before screenshot.

If you used hashed passwords I want to say those are not recoverable but if you use plain text it is if I remember right when you go through the setup it explains this a bit. But I want to say I’ve had a similar issue before and I changed my user password or something along those lines it was an odd one I don’t recall the exact steps I took to get things working I think I changed my login then changed the DB password and reinstalled roundcube or something along those lines.

The screenshot has been changed to the English version.
I will upload it.

Although a password is not set when adding a new user, it is possible to create a user.
The problem can be resolved by editing the added user and changing the password again.
If possible, I would like to set a password when adding a new user.

Thank you for your support.