Package upgrade + Webmin 2.013

Webmin version 2.013
Usermin version** 1.860
Virtualmin version 7.5
Authentic theme version 20.13
Kernel and CPU Linux 5.4.0-137-generic on x86_64
LEMP build
Just clicked the red button to upgrade 23 packages!
All went well No errors.
I go back to Virtualmin Dashboard as usual and see this:

Click on that and I get No packages were installed. Check the messages above for the cause of the error. There are no messages or errors (no surprises there as there was nothing new to update – they already had been updated as above.
But go back to the dashboard and it is still there prompting me! It seems to be stuck.

Anyway I could swear that several of the updates were for php8 (I actually couldn’t care less about what version of php is installed - but guess it is needed for Virtualmin)

Virtualmin is not written in PHP, and does not need PHP. (But, a lot of web apps are and do.)

None on any of these boxes that I am aware of. All Nodejs and the odd Python. So I didn’t need to upgrade all those packages?

I believe that any software installed on your system should be kept up to date.

If you have two versions of PHP installed (e.g. 7.4 and 8.x), I’m pretty sure you installed extras, because we only install the system standard version. I’d recommend not installing extra software you don’t need. I don’t know what OS/version you’re running (please include it in all posts), so I don’t know what the defaults would be (on some quite distros that don’t have any PHP 7 or 8 we added an extra PHP version).

Sorry about that (my clumsy! trying to be clever copying from the dashboard then removing sensitive info and deleted that rather important info)
| Operating system| Ubuntu Linux 22.04.1|
so as php is not required I’m tempted to just remove it.

BTW I rebooted the troublesome VS this morning (it wasn’t a prompt) and the package updates list shown above has gone. I wonder if one or other of those updates needed a reboot and Virtualmin forgot to prompt for a reboot - like it usually does. Some of those packages in the original list looked pretty critical (grub, sudo) IIRC.


Likely was a caching issue.

I would only remove extra versions you installed, rather than the one OS version that the Virtualmin installer installed. I don’t recall how we specify the dependency in the stack package, but it might try to remove some other stuff.

It only prompts for a reboot if kernel is upgraded. Literally nothing else requires a reboot on Linux.

It is a caching issue, if the updates were applied outside of Virtualmin (or if something went wrong and that session timed out before it believed the update was complete) it would take a little while for it to update the cache on its own. It only checks for new packages periodically. There’s only so much time that can be dedicated to maintenance tasks like this before it becomes a notable drain on CPU/memory/etc. We can’t run apt update every minute, is what I’m trying to say, so there are times when it will not be up to date in one direction or another. It is harmless to click “Install” if the updates have already been installed.

I didn’t install any php outside of Virtualmin (and certainly would not install php - I have no use for it. In fact there is very little installed outside Virtualmin (Nodejs, MongoDb, PM2) and only one App on each domain on this box. Pretty much the way it will remain.

I am inclined to agree and accept it was a caching issue but not a session issue. Everything happened from within Virtualmin. I clicked the red button it listed many packages to update I accepted them all, it listed them again to install, and I accepted them all, they installed without error. The dashboard showed All installed packages are up to date as it normally does and then I noticed that list in the image above - it remained that way for hours The reboot cleared it.

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