Opencart install Script on virtualmin Pro

hi guys,
Having a problem running an automated installer script on a sub virtual server.

-primary server is (has wordpress website on it)
-sub virtual server is (trying to install opencart)

I am able to do this manually, however, i just want to see if there is a way in order to install opencart using the automated script that does not throw the following error…

*Found in cache ..*
  • Configuring webserver PHP settings …*

  • … already done.*

  • Restarting PHP-FPM server …*

  • … done*

  • Now installing OpenCart version …*

  • Database setup failed*

  • More information on using this script can be found at*

  • … installation was only partially complete.*

  • Re-loading Webmin …*

  • … done*

The database has actually been created in Virtualmin, however, tables are empty.