One or multiple IP for Multiple domains/websites on Virtualmin?

OS Ubuntu 20.04.3: REQUIRED
Webmin 1.981: REQUIRED
Virtualmin 6.17-3: REQUIRED
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

I would like to add multiple websites with different domains on my Webmin/Virtualmin server.

  1. I have created one Virtual server for each domain name in Virtualmin
  2. Do I need a different IP address for each of the domain or virtual server?
  3. Do I need to setup the DNS Record for each virtual server (such as the name servers (ns1 & ns2), and _dmarc)?
  1. Yes, you create a virtual server for each domain
  2. That depends on how many IPv4/6 you have on the system and using shared IP’s or multiple static IP’s. Basic networking skills is needed to setup main domain with nameservers and DNS
  3. You need the main domain to resolve as in point 3, for every virtual server you create the nameservers will auto populate the DNS


I didn’t quite follow @Whoops response to be honest, so let me clarify some details for you.

I have created one Virtual Server for each domain name in Virtualmin

Yes, this is correct, each website is assigned either a “Top-level”, “Sub-server”, or “Alias” Virtual Server type depending on the type of domain and what it’s being used for.

Typically a “Top-level” would be your “”, a “Sub-server” would be your “” and an “Alias” would be “” pointing to “” (based on examples shown).

Do I need a different IP address for each of the domain or virtual server?

No, the invention of “name-based” hosting allows multiple websites to make use of the same IP address, so unless you have a specific reason for using a unique IP address, then it is recommended that you don’t.

Do I need to setup the DNS Record for each virtual server (such as the name servers (ns1 & ns2) and _dmarc)?

You will need to provision DNS “somewhere” to point your domain(s) to the server. So it depends on who is managing DNS for your domain. If you intend to run your own nameservers, then you can do this within Virtualmin, however there are extra steps you will need to conduct to also get a nameserver established (these steps are done both for the domain acting as the nameserver, and at your registrar). For this @Whoops does make a good point about having some network know how, and more importantly server know how. Alternatively, if you are using a DNS provider such as CloudFlare or your registrar’s nameservers, then these records would be setup within their system.

If you require assistance setting up your server to meet your needs, I am available throughout the holidays to offer assistance for a reasonable price and would be happy to assist you further.

To request assistance, either message me here, or visit

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Thank you for the offer.
I was able to get the added website to work, by pointing the new domain name to the IP of the Virtualmin server, without changing the default DNS configuration auto-generated by Virtualmin. But, I having issues with mails on the newly added website only (I have no issue on the main/first site) when testing with
" Your DKIM signature is not valid"
" We were not able to retrieve your public key.
Please ensure that you inserted your DKIM TXT DNS record on your domain using the selector 202111 .(I don’t understand this instruction).
If you recently modified your DNS, please be patient and test again your Newsletter in 12 hours, it may take some time for the DNS to be propagated" (it has been more than 24 hours)
Any hint on how to fix this please?

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Sure, I just did. Thanks!

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