Old (pre-Virtualmin 6) repositories deprecated

Howdy all,

After the latest round of updates in the old (pre-Virtualmin 6) apt and yum repositories, those repositories have reached End of Life. There will be no more updates to any unversioned Virtualmin repository (the repositories in /vm/6 and /vm/7 will continue to be maintained, and will be until Virtualmin 8 is released, when the /vm/6 repository will reach EOL).

This means you’ll need to update your very old systems to use one of the newer repositories. It also means any very old install scripts will definitely not work anymore.

Note this has nothing to do with what version of the Virtualmin virtual-server module is installed (Virtualmin virtual-server module 7.2 is in all of the repositories), this is just a factor of when you installed Virtualmin and which install script you used. If you installed before the Virtualmin 6 installer, you would have the old repositories, and need to update to use newer repositories.

In the majority of cases, assuming you used the Virtualmin install script, and have not manually enabled other repositories that contain Virtualmin packages (e.g. the Webmin.com repositories, which you should not do on a Virtualmin system) or otherwise manually modified the repository configuration, you can simply run the current version of the install script with the --setup flag. Note that old versions of the install script do not have all of the safety checks, etc. of the current script. Don’t run whatever old version of the script you have hanging around on the system for this purpose.

I believe the update check in the dashboard now also checks for deprecated Virtualmin repositories and will warn you. But, you can also find out just by looking at the configured apt or yum repos. They may be configured in /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualmin.list on Debian/Ubuntu or /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualmin.repo on RHEL/CentOS. If the Virtualmin repository path does not include /vm/6 (or /vm/7, but I assume if you’re using a brand new system you already know you aren’t using old repos) it is an old repository and no longer maintained after today.

Or, see the Troubleshooting Update Repositories, which is less verbose but covers the highlights.



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