Webmin 2.021 released

Howdy, y’all!

@Joe rolled out Webmin version 2.021 to all repos.

The list of improvements and fixes since version 2.013:


  • Add ability to set locale in Webmin Users module for consistency
  • Fix to preserve initial install directory when upgrading manually
  • Fix to preserve minimal install type when upgrading manually
  • Fix an error when make_date is called on undefined value #1860
  • Fix clearing packages caches before checking for updates in status collection #1863
  • Update the Authentic theme to the latest version


  • Add full locale support
  • Add slave zone file format option in BIND DNS module
  • Add support for editing ACLs in File Manager
  • Add support to configure SSL connection for MySQL/MariaDB module
  • Add support for compressed backups in PostgreSQL module
  • Add support for displaying inodes too in Disk Usage in the Dashboard
  • Add better support for CloudLinux
  • Fix to always default to RSA key type in Let’s Encrypt requests
  • Fix setup repository script for Oracle
  • Fix shutdown timeout to avoid termination of running processes
  • Fix support for SpamAssassin 4
  • Fix to use system default hashing format for htpasswd file
  • Fix FastRPC issues
  • Update the Authentic theme to the latest version, with sped-up Dashboard performance

As always let us know of any problems you run into in a new topic.


just so I’m clear — by posting this announcement on https://virtualmin.com you are letting us know its been vetted and will work just fine with Virtualmin – VM 7.5 (wbm-virtual-server.noarch in the repo) certainly and maybe even backwards compatible all the way to 6.07 ??

Or am I too paranoid – if I can see it at the virtualmin-universal repo and install/upgrade in the usual manner, that’s all I need to know :grinning:

Maybe even backwards compatible all the way to 6.07

If you have Virtualmin 6 repos it should work, unless @Joe haven’t push latest Webmin to those older repos, for some reason? If the repos you’re talking about prior Virtualmin 6, it’s expected no to work:

You can always upgrade local repos to the newest ones:

The packages in the Virtualmin repos are the packages we want you to use.

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