Official Virtualmin Telegram channel

Hello all,

We have started official Telegram channel to instant broadcast important updates related to Webmin, Usermin, Virtualmin, Cloudmin and Authentic Theme.

We are welcome you to join it –



That’s funny… I just moved AWAY from Telegram last month. Went to Signal instead. : )

Telegram is good. Hurry back and join the Channel :slight_smile:

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I hope you will still post important stuff into this forum. I think it has all features needed for informing people and to stay in contact with the community.

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It’s Ilia’s channel. I don’t use Telegram, so everything of importance will show up here. :wink:


Correct. Telegram is supplementary channel for distributing latest news.


Hmmm… :slight_smile:
An interesting approach to Telegram, I only use it for this instead of burner phones and 10 minutes mobile numbers… (see below) :slight_smile:
(the SIM7000E IMEI is less identifiable, all you need is a SIM card with no name pre - filled)

I recommend it to anyone who sometimes wants to look around undercover in these crappy places:
Facebook, Instagram and others… hahahha

Yup, Signal is mandatory now, agree with @jimdunn

Telegram can also be a good channel… for NEWS :wink:

I use it for bot to text me right a way when something happens on server, fail2ban or SSH logins etc, even when let’s encrypt fails, less emails, for me telegram works fine. I have signal too for ages but rarely in use.

Roger Waters has very strong principles I can tell, and the dark side of the moon isn’t as dark as I thought.

Telegram can also be a good channel


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He’s a “dude” that’s for sure… :wink:

@Ilia “and the dark side of the moon isn’t as dark as I thought.”

Yup, since we orbit in a binary system, from here (earth) we rarely see the other side… (dark)

Yesterday I wrote a letter to E. Musk that I would like to see what happens on the other side, I might buy a ticket for the next flight…

I was told that they have to sell tickets to Mars for BitCoin first, hahahaha :slight_smile:

That sounds like a cool plan! Sends us all a message from the moon. :wink:

Well, for now it’s very expensive, but I will do my best… hmmmmm…

although E.M. confirmed that soon in addition to a lot of space junk, satellites in orbit (on a low orbit) will make this much more accessible

Send SMS from the moon or other communication form, from universe…

I’m getting a bit of old for this :slight_smile:

Is this the same telegram based in and operated from Dubai in the UAE?

Yes, Telegram’s operational center is in UEA with its legal domicile in UK.

Thanks Virtualmin team for setting up this Telegram channel :slight_smile: I joined it. I look forward to reading your updates.

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Hello @jimdunn :slight_smile:

Feel really free to use Signal. I no longer trust Signal. Because of Signal’s terrible MobileCoin betrayal and Signal’s risky centralized server.

My favorite alternative to Signal and Telegram is Because Jami has much stronger privacy and security. As it is both fully open source, and it supports Peer-to-Peer (P2P). For those not familiar with P2P, it means your communications do not go through a centralized server. Such centralized server are at high risks of abuses. Such as, but not limited to, state spying or people with evil behaviors spying on your private communications. Software such as Signal, Skype, Telegram all depend on a centralized server. If you are ok with the risk of using a centralized server, with Jami you are able to choose between using a centralized server or not using it.

Source about Signal’s terrible MobileCoin betrayal:
• Video
• Article

Source about Signal centralized server,33898.html

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We won’t spam you. We will only post an important updates.

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Just an FYI… I tried the “Jami” chat program… and found that there’s a REASON why decentralized systems haven’t “taken over the world”…

It’s because… THEY’RE NOT STABLE. I put Jami on 2 of my phones, and could send msgs back and forth. But, as soon as one phone was across town from the other, issues… either no messages received (although they appeared to send; tried from both phones).

I also install Jami on my desktop, and occasionally some of the messages from one phone would come to the desktop… but not always. And, messages on the desktop appeared to go “out”… but weren’t always received.

(it’s the nature of “torrent hives”)

So… Jami is a great idea… (actually the SFLPhone project was the original idea)… but not yet “production ready”.

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Thanks @jimdunn for sharing your experience with Jami :slight_smile:

I put Jami on 2 of my phones, and could send msgs back and forth. But, as soon as one phone was across town from the other, issues… either no messages received (although they appeared to send; tried from both phones).

The first time I tried Jami, I faced the same challenge. This is actually one of the most frequent challenge with Jami. One way to resolve this challenge is to simply activate this Jami OpenDHT.

Below is the same message as above. But with details if you’re interested in those.

To resolve this challenge, there are actually two options to choose from:

For those not familiar with the free Jami community support forum, in the future, when facing a new challenge with Jami, I suggest asking the friendly community for support at They use the same open source forum software as Virtualmin.
I noticed that you already created an account there. You’re pretty quick at finding support. Welcome to the Jami forum.

For those interested in reading or contributing to Jami documentation, it is at

(no offense intended here) but I think your complicated reply supports my hypothesis.

It’s a cool idea… but just a geek toy… not ready for prime time production use.

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