New VS domain not in browser

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.2
Webmin version 2.021
Usermin version 1.861
Virtualmin version 7.7
Theme version 20.21
Package updates All installed packages are up to date
Note this post is split from In A BIND Again to keep to “1 problem per topic” rule, though originally I thought they were one and same.

This box has 2 domains ( and and has been ticking over quite happily for quite a while no problems just regular package updates.

3 days ago I was asked to add a new VS (
New VS was added and LE certificate acquired Ok.

However, the default page is not visible. Nothing.

I have checked with DNS Checker and that site displays the correct IP4, IP6, and MX records.

What do you mean by default page?.

taken from another box. The in question just gives the " This site can’t be reached" browser default.

Note that the LE certificate was acquired with no problem and is listed ok in Server Configuration -> SSL Certificate so LE can visit via A or AAAA record - why not the browsers

so if you ping the domain, does it respond ok with the correct IP? It could be your computer not resolving the address.

Surely then I would be unable to browse the other VS on this box? on the same IP4.

BTW ping the gives me the same IP4 as the other 2 visible domains as expected

So loosing all faith (well not quite) Today I registered a new domain withe same name provider (call it I didn’t even wait the usual time for propagation just pointed the nameservers to the box provide (Linode) added the domain to point to the box and then added the VS in Virtualmin.
So nothing different from usual.
LE certificate added straight away :+1:t2:
The default page shows perfectly in the browser.

I wonder if I can delete the rogue, clone the and rename the clone, then reapplying for a new certificate? A lot of work
Simply I can delete the rogue, and the try adding it again? None the wiser why it failed first time

Ive never had a issue like that. So you have tried just deleting and reinstalling and still failing?
You check the logs on the domain, log files are the biggest help solving issues.


also the index.html is in public_html.
When you go to the site the web page is just blank no errors?
Ok, I see you said “This site can’t be reached”, that doesn’t make sense if you can ping it.
Maybe PM me the domain and the IP and I’ll double check it can’t be viewed.
Also you getting the LE that normally means its accessing to the site.

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So as above. I deleted the VS.
Today I added that VS again (along with another new VS for existing client on this box) - more urgent.

It worked for both VS !

BTW @stefan1959 this is an nginx box (don’t use Apache if I can avoid it - all Virtualmin LEMP)

I did check the logs before giving up and they were showing access by my IP and a lot of 404. I had assumed that everything was setup correct because LE had issued a certificate and that DNSChecker was showing full propagation.

Anyway thanks for the offer - but consider it solved for now (reason unknown)

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