New Virtualmin virtual-server module version 7.9.0

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out version 7.9.0 of the Virtualmin virtual-server module.

Changes since 7.8.2:

  • Add reworked navigation menu for better usability and accessibility
  • Add support for different PHP-FPM process manager modes (dynamic, static, ondemand)
  • Add Google Drive support as cloud storage provider for Virtualmin Pro users
  • Add enhanced Jailkit domain features for Virtualmin Pro users, including abilities to copy extra commands and sections, and to reset previously configured jail environment
  • Add ability to preserve php_value, php_admin_value, env and pm. settings when changing PHP-FPM version
  • Add Cloudflare API token support for more secure and precise authentication, replacing the need for using global API keys
  • Add API for restarting system or virtual server services using virtualmin restart-server command
  • Add support for showing dynamic placeholder for path/file field in Backup and Restore ⇾ Scheduled Backups page #647/issuecomment-1732368172
  • Add ability to use the database character set when performing back up and restore
  • Add improvements to validate domain output page
  • Add various improvements for migrations from cPanel and Plesk
  • Add template substitutions to support variables for the MySQL/MariaDB host and port #666
  • Add ability to show domain type when listing domains in UI #676
  • Add support for using Webmin RPC to perform virtual servers transfer to remote systems
  • Add an option to re-allocate usernames when restoring backups
  • Change SPF to default to ~all instead of ?all #696
  • Extend the GPL version with the capability to edit proxy paths, previously exclusive to Pro users
  • Fix Backblaze clearing old backups #640
  • Fix issues when performing DNS-based Let’s Encrypt renewals, including in wildcard mode
  • Fix auto-discover config feature work correctly in Microsoft Outlook
  • Fix to correctly revoke access to previously allowed MySQL/MariaDB databases
  • Fix renewal errors for Let’s Encrypt certificates caused by using incorrect certificate types
  • Fix caching system external IP address for faster API calls
  • Fix issues with base website redirects causing redirect loops in the past
  • Fix to improve virtual servers restore experience
  • Fix DKIM signature issue on Debian and Ubuntu systems
  • Fix auto-reply form not being saved correctly
  • Fix to correctly print years in bandwidth usage reports #689
  • Fix detecting network interface names on Amazon Linux systems
  • Fix enforcing correct permissions for PHP-FPM socket file
  • Fix to preserve the PHP-FPM socket file when changing versions
  • Fix to make sure all PHP-FPM versions are enabled at boot #644
  • Fix various issues with file locking

As always, if you run into any problems, let us know in a new topic.



Brilliant work guys! Very much appreciated!

Absolutely love this… Add Google Drive support as cloud storage provider for Virtualmin Pro users

and the other excellent additioins and fixes.

Keep up the amazing work guys! What an amazing product with amazing support. :slight_smile:

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I see

preserve php_value, php_admin_value, env and pm.

has been added as well as

PHP-FPM process manager modes (dynamic, static, ondemand)


thanks so much for all you do !!!


Edit: Nevermind. Something I reported as not working I got resolved. :slight_smile:

Got this up and running this afternoon. Excited for this to be here. Google is so much faster than Dropbox for offsite for me. It took me about 35 mins to get everything backed up to Dropbox. Google Drive is way faster - got the whole thing done in 13m 5 seconds. MUCH nicer. Tkx!

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when i create a VS it wont create LE cert? why before yes and now no?

Please create separate threads for each new question you have. This helps in organizing discussions and ensures that each query receives the attention and specific answers it deserves.

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no , this is a bug of this update, the behavior change after 7.9.0 update

There might be other bugs, and each bug deserves a separate thread. We cannot discuss everything under one topic. It would be messy.

Thank you for submitting a separate ticket.

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An alleged bug is NOT “News”.
This Alleged bug I have been unable to reproduce and the updated version appears to be working just fine for me.

If you make a post in the correct part of the forum it will get more notice (mainly because those wishing to check will hopefully have the all important system information)

Very useful features implemented in this version!
Thank you for your continual work on improving Virtualmin even more!

Nice! Thanks!

Sorry for the noob question but I think Virtualmin is not autmatically installing this update. Is it supposed to be installed manually? If so, how do I do it?


At the bottom of that list should be one: “xx package updates are available”

Click and follow the prompts.

There is no auto-update for which I am thankful as I always take a snapshot of the system before applying updates - just in case!

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there is just do this if you need auto update

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The new menu seem easier to use. I particularly like the new DNS Settings menu item.

I know there many other changes that make a big difference such as the breakdown of the DNSSEC Zone Keys it to the relevant values.

Awesome. Thanks to the whole team.

Thanks @Randomz and @jimr1. Auto update is enabled, not sure why this was not installing automatically.

You should just install it manually then by clicking the packages link on the dashboard or using SSH.

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