Mysql or Maria DB

Hi @Joe
You don’t recommend mysql: Mysql8 and ubuntu 20.04 - #8 by Joe

But why is that? I don’t want mysql, but maria db 10.6 is based on mysql 5.5.5 (isn’t it?) and there are things missing like ARCHIVE engine or JSON datatype.
Is there a more update mariadb that can be used?
I’m planning on install virtualmin on a brand new instalation of Ubuntu 22.04

Mariadb is more compatible with old MySQL, similarly performant with modern MySQL, and is maintained by a community, rather than Oracle. I think most of the changes in MySQL are “embrace, extend, extinguish” tactics. Because Oracle. Mariadb is also kinda what the Linux community has decided on. We mostly try to use the most commonly used tools when we can.

Anyway, I don’t use either feature you’ve mentioned, but:

And, if you really want MySQL, I have documented how to get it.

So the only missing part would be Archive.
Will check that.

Archive is absolutely not a missing part. I linked to documentation about that, too. Archive has been there since pre-fork.

I meant, I can already use LONGTEXT instead of JSON and I will have to take care of adding the extra feature for having Archive tables.

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