My clients access the virtualmin shell automatically as root

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I am a beginner on virtualmin and webmin, and I wanted to add the feature to my clients’ various accounts to be able to use the shell available on virtualmin in the lower left menu.

I would have expected that by adding this capability my clients accessing the shell would find themselves logged in with their own account, and with the limitation of being able to browse only their domain folders, but instead by accessing the shell they find themselves logged in as ROOT, being able to do any command through the shell as root (edit any files within the machine, restart the machine… everything)

To add the shell permissions I performed the following steps:

"Virtualmin menu with affected domain selected → Administration Options → Edit Owner Limits → Other restrictions → Extra Webmin Modules → add “shell”

The same problem exists even if instead of the shell module I use the xterm module.

Did I do something wrong, or did it actually create a problem?
(I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors)

Domain owners already have shell access as the default access is for Email, FTP and SSH.
While it allows them to view stuff outside of their domain, it doesn’t allow eg file edits to be saved or reboot etc commands to be run.

Personally I am curious why you want to allow clients to have shell access?


So you logging in on webmin with there own username not root. Normal behavour in there Teminal Login is that user and locked into there location.
Shell (not terminal) access is logging in with a client like putty.


I know it sounds strange, but in my case, using the terminal button of virtualmin, the user is logged directly as root, and doing tests can do anything.

By logging in with the domain “prova” you can clearly see that it says that I am the root user (root@alessiohhproject, instead it should be prova@alessiohhproject), and by doing tests, I was even able to reboot the machine by simply typing “reboot” (when it says that the connection has been closed, by checking the status of the vps through my provider’s control panel, it is really rebooting).
using a client (putty) this does not happen, and the user logs in with his user with all its limitations. however, I wanted to offer the possibility to use the terminal directly from the site, and I would also like to solve this problem.
I attach screenshot (unfortunately, I can’t attach more than one screenshot yet, sorry).


Webmin modules are root access tools, by default. Some can be locked down, but in this case, Virtualmin already has support for granting users Terminal access. You should not grant them access to the Terminal Webmin module. They don’t need it.

From the help popup for that option: Be very careful with this option, as most Webmin modules default to providing dangerously complete control over the services they manage.

I would simply add the function of using the terminal with your own user as stefan1959 did, but as I showed in the screenshot before your message it happens differently.

How could I do this in your opinion?

I just want to check which user is in the indicated box
image before you use the terminal ?

The correct name is displayed.
I specify that I access directly with the credentials of the domain “prova”.


never seen this happen before, does the same thing happen with



If you use the button in the left menu as you recommended, the user logs in directly with his account, as he should. the problem is that if he uses the terminal that opens from the little button at the bottom (or uses the alt+k combination), he still logs in as root, and I don’t think I have the ability to remove that button without also removing the one that works properly.

And then regardless, it shouldn’t be able to log in as root, that’s the problem.

so what was the result by using the terminal command from the domain ? still logged in as root ?
The reason for me asking is :-
if the user logs in as the user here

and logs in as root from here
this would indicate the user has root privileges and will login from the second screen shot as root & the first screen shot as the correct user

Exactly, from the left terminal button the user logs in correctly. it has all the limitations it should have and cannot execute any commands as root, it is perfect.

Instead, using the bottom button automatically logs in as root.

I even tried recreating a new domain from scratch by adding the terminal as explained in the initial post, but the problem persists.
I’m a beginner so maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I really don’t understand, also because I haven’t touched any configuration or anything inside the server.

in a root terminal run

sudo -l -U prova

you should see

User prova is not allowed to run sudo on localhost.

but if you see something like

Matching Defaults entries for prova on localhost:
env_reset, mail_badpass, secure_path=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/snap/bin,
User prova may run the following commands on localhost:

use ‘prova’ has root privilege and this privilege should be removed

The user does not have root privileges, I attach a screenshot:


I have no idea what setting is not correct, but I ran a new instance of UB 22.04, installed virtualmin (via the virtualmin installer and not apt install webmin then install the virtualmin module), created a domain, switched to that user & everything works as expected (no root access) Have you edited a template or account plan ? Have you altered any setting (virtualmin or webmin) away from the defaults ?

The only things I changed are:

  • The port to access virtualmin

  • Add the “Shell” module to user “Luca” to add the terminal to his Virtualmin home:

Virtualmin menu with affected domain selected → Administration Options → Edit Owner Limits → Other restrictions → Extra Webmin Modules → add “shell

I have tried various modules (like xterm) but in my case they only change the terminal available on the left (and all modules connect with the correct user).

While I’m at it, I thank you for the help and time you are devoting to me. :pray:

remove that completely it’s not needed

And how can I add the terminal in the virtualmin home without touching that configuration?

it’s already there

So am I required to have users log in with an client (putty, xtermi…)? I can’t implement the terminal in the home?

(By default, my domains do not have the terminal in the home).