Mailman plugin download (version)

On the Webmin modules page the download for Mailman (virtualmin-mailman.wbm.gz) appears to be version 6.1 which gave errors after install.

I got it working using version 6.9 (virtualmin-mailman-6.10.wbm.gz) which I downloaded from this link:

Just a heads up that the Webmin modules page may need the updated version.

I recommend you always get your Virtualmin packages from our repos. And, use the yum or apt repos if you’re on an RPM or deb based distro.

I installed mailman using yum but I could not find any instructions on installing the mailman control panel plugin using yum. On previous versions of Virtualmin mailman was already included in the list of plugins.

CentOS 7
Virtualmin 6.15
Webmin 1.973

It’s no longer in the default install, but it’s still in the repos. You can list the available Virtualmin modules with:

# yum search wbm-virtualmin


# apt search webmin-virtualmin

Some are only lightly maintained at this point, though, so keep that in mind if installing something old and weird (like svn…nobody uses Subversion, anymore, so you should at least think twice about using it). Mailman is still pretty active, though, and we still fix bugs in the module because people are still using it…just not enough to make it a default part of the install.

Awesome… thanks!

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