Looking for webmin/virtualmin expert for long period maintenance

I’ve got 2 webmin/virtualmin servers (old one: with 2 php 5.2 vhosts, new one: with 10 vhosts with php 8 laravel + 1vhost with rails)

  1. the old one is running debian 7 and (we can’t upgrade php due to software installed)
  2. the new one is running ubuntu 20.04 lts (we can update)

we are using free version but we can switch to pro if you think it can be a smart move

I’d like to find someone to help me to maintenance the servers
I’m looking for an expert for a long period job. (we need up to 1 modify a month). I worked with My actual maintenance company for the last 10 years but they are closing their offices

what we do is add vhost, change some configuration etc. We do all the basic task (cronjobs, minor modifies etc)

Just Webmin you don’t use anything else say Cloudmin or Virtualmin or Usermin. You may want to include more information on your setup. I am not applying just trying to help you get more response.

“2 Webmin Servers” with vhosts sounds a bit like we are using webmin/virtualmin.

You might also want to include the Operating Systems and Versions of Operating Systems being used for the servers.

If you are using the Pro Version or Free Version also matters largely as to what tools and modules are available to the person applying for the job vs what he or she would have to build out and make work for you.

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Done thanks forlotto

You are welcome you’ll have to upgrade even if your software don’t like it PHP 5.2 can be exploited very badly there are many CVE’s I would not even try to maintain you need someone who is capable of transition to another software or software modification etc… Yes this is NOT good to run stuff that old it puts your server at a great risk! I believe 5.4 and lower is in real real bad shape if memory serves me right with PHP its like a NO NO to run this. Best of luck to you I would help but I don’t claim to be an expert with anything so kinda leaves me out of a lot of things. I never wanted to be really good at just one thing there is way too much to learn in life and not a lot of time to live.

This. You should really consider upgrading your software.

GPL has no limitation, the Pro version gives you extra stuff like a heap of scripts you can install on your website, Support from staff so they can log onto your system when you log a issue with them plus alot more, read here
its very cheap compared to other control panels like Cpanel.

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