Invalid certificate

hello everyone!!
i have this error

how can I fix it??? I have installed all certificate too

If you didn’t get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt and are using the one installed with Virtualmin then that’s the problem.

Virtualmin will install a self-signed certificate for you when you install it. It will give you that error because it’s not recognized by the browser.

What you need to do is go up to Let’s Encrypt and get a free SSL certificate and use it instead.


What page are you seeing that on?

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Please read the guidelines, as it’ll help you ask better questions. This question provides literally no context. I have no idea how you got this error, where you’re seeing it, or what things you tried to fix it. I can’t help.


sorry Mr @Joe if I didn’t ask my question correctly. I will be very specific on my next questions.

Thank you

it fixed , Thank you @tpnsolutions but it was on my Home page

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