Installing on almalinux 8


hi, ive tried to install virtualmin on my almalinux 8.4, it is not supported.
any plan to release a fix for this?
i think it should work the same as centos 8

|**OS type and version: AlmaLinux release 8.4 (Electric Cheetah)
|Webmin version: latest stable
|**Virtualmin version:**latest stable

Please search the forum, this has been discussed many, many, times.

hi @Joe ive been searching in this forum, found few mentioning installing on centos, then migrate the centos as almalinux, is this the only way?

thank you

@RJM_Web_Design wrote the definitive, complete, total, all inclusive guide to installing Virtualmin on AlmaLinux.

There is also this announcement.

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i saw its installing on centos 8 and then migrate into almalinux.
why cant it be installed directly as almalinux?

Because Almalinux is not yet a supported OS. The supported OS list is linked prominently on the download page.

It will be a supported OS, but it is not a supported OS yet. Virtualmin is supported on CentOS 8.

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