Installing Cloudmin on Rocky Linux 8

OS type and version Rocky Linux 8
Webmin version REQUIRED
Cloudmin version REQUIRED


I have tried installing Cloudmin on a Rocky 8.9 machine, since I noticed that it is mentioned that it is supported on this page: Cloudmin | Webmin

Unfortunately, it appears that some packages are failing to install, specifically: kvm kvm-qemu-img qemu-kvm-tools kvm-tools

Could you possibly let me know if this OS is indeed supported and how can we retrieve the said packages?

Yep it’s supported the file names have just changed for some packages is all. You can install them manually and it will work there isn’t a lot of support for cloudmin as not as many people purchase licenses for cloudmin as virtualmin which will change as more people buy pro cloudmin its dirt cheap if you haven’t already bought it do so and support the project so more resources can be dedicated to it. I got it running on Debian12. Currently they are tied up in Virtualmin updates that’s where resources are allocated 10:1 actually was cited its reasonable pricing and they want to keep it that way so I urge everyone who has virtualmin to give cloudmin a shot. Its actually pretty awesome once you get it going.

apt-get install -y qemu-system

apt-get install -y libvirt-daemon-system

Those are the names.

I also had trouble getting virtualmin installed it takes a couple of tries using the -f flag on the execute command menu … Then you’ll get virtualmin status on your KVM instance. Also in the terminal you may have to type reset before you start using the terminal to keep things in alignment. Do to some slight issues with ajaxterm.

Other things of note cgroup-tools is the replacement for cgroup-bin
ISC-DHCP is replacement for dhcp3
you may need to use python is python3 possibly as well.

There may be a couple other quirks but once you get it figured it isn’t all that bad. Cloudmin is undersold basically so you can help by purchasing pro membership at a fair yearly rate.

You will need to use the updated installation script - the current ‘production’ script only supports up to RHEL 7 (so includes CentOS, but not Rocky or Alma).

Not sure where you can get that from.

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