Install PostgreSQL at a later time

I read How to Install PostGreSQL and because the thread is 5 years old, I couldn’t ask my question there.

I saw @Joe 's answer about PostgreSQL being installed during the setup process and wanting to know if this was not the case … During the setup we are asked to check a checkbox for both mySQL and PostgreSQL, and of course I didn’t check the PostgreSQL checkbox so it’s not installed.

A year later I need to install PostgreSQL along with mySQL on one Debian 12 machine. I just want to make sure that I can install PostgreSQL through the OS, something like:

sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib
sudo systemctl enable postgresql

Will Virtualmin recognize that PostgreSQL is there , I will be able to check PostgreSQL in Features and Plugins and so on ? Or does the Virtualmin setup process do something special that I should know of ?

Might it not be easier for you to Rerun Install Wizard and at the database screen, select both MariaDB and PostgreSQL so that Virtualmin is aware that both are being used?

Look, I have never done this myself through the Install Wizard but it seems to be intuitively the easy thing to do via the Virtualmin gui rather than the command line.

Yes I was wondering if that was an option, I don’t know if I can rerun the setup wizard without consequences … (I’ve got at least one virtualhost I don’t want to break on that machine).

You don’t need to run the setup wizard after initial setup, ever (you could, but everything in the wizard can be done outside of the wizard).

All you need to do to start using PostgreSQL is make sure it’s recognized in the Webmin PostgreSQL module, and that Webmin knows how to connect to it. i.e. can you view/create/etc. database in the Webmin module.

Then enable the PostgreSQL Feature in Features and Plugins.

Ok thanks.
When running the setup (a year ago) I didn’t check PostgreSQL, so now when I try to enable it in Features and Plugins it tells me that it’s not installed. I don’t even see a PostgreSQL module (I guess you mean under Webmin->Servers, I just have mySQL there) …

So the process is to install it outside of Virtualmin (command line) and it should appear as a module here ? and then I will be able to go to Features ?

Or do I have to install a Webmin PostgreSQL module (in addition to the PostgreSQL server) that will allow me to connect with the PostgreSQL server ? for example in “Webmin->Webmin configuration->Webmin modules” ?

Well, of course you have to install it! I didn’t think I needed to tell you that since you’d posted how in your first post. :wink:

Features and Plugins does not install or configure anything. It only makes the feature available for Virtualmin domains. And, you won’t see a Webmin module in the usual location if the software it manages is not installed (it’ll be in Unused Modules, because you can’t possibly be using software that isn’t installed).

Sorry, not that easy to make myself understood, english not being my primary language.

Of course I did know I had to reinstall PostgreSQL, I did it right now, but still, that does not answer my question about PostgreSQL appearing magically under Webmin->Servers … reinstalling PostgreSQL did not make that happen, I still don’t have PostgreSQL server module there. Hence my question about an hypothetical “PostgreSQL server module” (I mean a webmin module) to be installed.

Now that you told me about “unused modules” I see that there is a “PostgreSQL server module” but I first had to install a perl module :
The Perl module DBD::Pg is not installed on your system, so Webmin will not be able to reliably access your PostgreSQL database. Click here to install it now.
And even though I did that the “PostgreSQL server module” still stays in “unused modules” and I’m not sure if I have something to do to move it up to “Webmin-Servers”, and sure enough I found it, there is a “refresh modules” button that does that !
Thanks !


Did you enable in virtuamin

Yes I did :slight_smile: it’s really the “Refresh modules” that did it ! The button below “Unused modules” in Webmin.

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