I don't need cloudmin, but I am struggling with installing docker+nextcloud

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04.5
Virtualmin version 7.5

I am running Virtualmin on a VPS for me and a couple of friends. I know I don’t need Cloudmin.
However, I am trying to install docker Nextcloud AIO on this system, and I run in all sorts of problems, mainly with the SLL certificates at this point.

I read somewhere that a way to manage docker on Virtualmin would be to do that via Cloudmin. Is that a fact? Would installing Cloudmin help me in operating docker?

Alternatively, is there any good guide to install docker Nextcloud and get it running on a Virtualmin sub-server?

I know docker is independent from Virtualmin, and I am aware of the official nextcloud AIO guides, but, despite how they want it to appear, they all come short in one way or the other…

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Cloudmin has nothing to do with this. It isn’t for this workflow…it’s for managing virtual machines, including containers that have a full OS install. It is not for installing applications in containers. Virtualmin will get more container support in Virtualmin 8, but for now, you just follow the usual instructions and proxy to it. There is nothing unusual about a Virtualmin configuration that would make the guides provided by applications not work (generally speaking, though you do need to make sure everything happens in a VirtualHost section, because Virtualmin is a shared hosting system where every site needs to live in a VirtualHost).

This seems to be a duplicate of this, I think? Install Nextcloud AIO with Docker

Just follow the documentation provided by the app you’re trying to run, and if you run into problems, ask specific questions. There is no guide from us, as we are not the developers of NextCloud. I have no idea how it works. But, proxying to a container is the same for any application and it is the same in Virtualmin as it is in any other Apache or nginx configuration (as long as it’s in a VirtualHost).

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