I can not install virtualmin

OS type and version: REQUIRED
Webmin version: REQUIRED
Virtualmin version: REQUIRED
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

when i try to install virtualmin i get this !

▣□□ Phase 1 of 3: Setup
[ERROR] No repos available for this OS. Are you running unstable/testing?
tput: unknown terminal “unknown”

It would help if you had filled in the REQUIRED fieds, indicating which OS you are trying to install on.


It’s a problem like that I’m using webmin+lamp on Ubuntu vps server from contabo I’m not a professional at all so I don’t what can I do

Virtualmin may already be installed. This can happen if an installation failed,
and can be ignored in that case.

But, if Virtualmin has already successfully installed you should not run this
script again! It will cause breakage to your existing configuration.

Updates and upgrades can be performed from within Virtualmin. To change
license details, use the ‘virtualmin change-license’ command.

Changing the license never requires re-installation.

Really Continue? (y/n) [INFO] Started installation log in /root/virtualmin-install.log

▣□□ Phase 1 of 3: Setup
[ERROR] No repos available for this OS. Are you running unstable/testing?
tput: unknown terminal “unknown”

Yeah, don’t do that.
Contabo have really, really bad images, so preferably you should change provider.
If that’s not possible, start with a clean image without Webmin preinstalled, and following the installation instructions.
These errors should not appear then.

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While read here Virtualmin OS Support – Virtualmin

You must include your OS and version when asking questions like this. We absolutely cannot help you if you make us guess about what you’re even doing.

No. You cannot do that.

Follow the instructions on our download page. Start with a freshly installed, supported, OS.

Joe is right
Contabo then easy to start clean.

If you have “much” extra time and want to learn, you can try the manual installation on that page and reading docs for that, only to learn more about your box and virtualmin setups if you want , but after that start better again with clean new one.

ONly pointing out while yes simple, start clean, but leraning path could be helpfull to do this better at a early starting point and not wait till your box is in production fase. because you write you’re no professional, by doings things by hand and also doing things wrong professionals started… :wink:

For own box, and not to much heavy sites Contabo is OK if you learn yourself , if for custommers so not your own then i don’t know.

Take care to get clean ip’s that are not on blacklists to be sure is waht you have to check at every hoster!

thanks I Got a help from a friend
all is ok now

thank you !

Nice he/she /* deservs…? :wink: