How to Purchase License

I’m trying to look for the license pricing and how to purchase it. When I access i’m getting an error:
Access Denied - You are not authorized to access this page.

I’m just wondering if i’m in the right direction?

Yeah, you’re going to the right place, the shop is just broken currently. I’m working on it and hope to have something new up within the next few days.

Any eta for this? My license has expired and my auto renewal isn’t processing.

Taking that into account with knowing that @Joe is quite busy atm, it might be not as fast as you would like to.
But you could dm (pm) them and I am sure there is a way for that.

I’ve extended the licenses of everyone that had active licenses for another week or two while I sort out the new billing system.

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I’m looking to buy vmin pro so I’m waiting on this getting fixed also.

Well why Joe working on fixing that. Does someone happen to know what the prices are for the key? What upgrade are as well, So I could get a rough ideal what I will be spending. Sorry not try to be pushy.

Thanks in Advance.

It is between $6 and $20 per month depending on domain limit.

Thank You. Do you happen to know what extra modules might come? or is it just lic and domains?

Virtualmin Pro offers much more than “lic and domains”. See:

Hi, I’ve been privileged to have access to pro but failed to even actually accivated within given time to me, never mind, while some folks on pro contacted me for odd support issues, I’ve noted that pro version for example have much better support on Apache proxy, you can setup more stuff with GUI while on gpl, you can do it too via terminal and your know how, but pro version does something out there for your life to be easier not to mention access to creators support.

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I am also looking into buying pro. While currently the GPL version and it suits my needs I think it is a great way to contribute to the awesome devs who made this tool! Especially when I found out it was only about $60 a year on the low end (at least from the support article I found about it).

I too am getting this error I. I will check back periodically and post if it gets fixed if someone else doesn’t before me.

I’ll take a look here and hope that this will work again soon. Thank you very much.