How to know if installed apache, nginx or any of them but minimal version?

Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
OS version:
How to know if installed apache, nginx or any of them but minimal version?

I don’t understand the question?

@Kangarooo is probably asking if it can be determined, some time after Virtualmin was installed, if the minimal install option was used at the command line.

Answer: if you have not done too many changes since installation, check if things like ClamAV and fail2ban are enabled and configured. On a minimal install, fail2ban will not have anything except the one default rule but in a full install it will have lots of sensible defaults. If fail2ban on your system has lots of rules that you did not manually apply then you could conclude that you have a full install of Virtualmin.

There is also an install log somewhere…

While was waiting i played and installed normal and full and differences are





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Here’s the sources for the various available bundles in Virtualmin-Config: Virtualmin-Config/lib/Virtualmin/Config at master · virtualmin/Virtualmin-Config · GitHub (--minimal flag triggers either MiniLAMP or MiniLEMP).

On Debian/Ubuntu you’ll have one of the four possible stack packages, so you can do something like:

# dpkg -l |grep virtualmin*stack*

Which will return something like virtualmin-lamp-stack or virtualmin-lamp-stack-minimal.

On CentOS, we use yum groups so you can use yum grouplist |grep Virtualmin to see which stack group is installed. (And Virtualmin Core is always installed, as it is the core Webmin+Virtualmin modules packages that are always needed.)


Doesnt give anything but i tried installing and found bug on phymyadmin Installed MINIMAL LAMP phpmyadmin not working


dpkg -l |grep virtualmin

You should see a list, look out for something like virtualmin-lemp-stack-minimal or virtualmin-lemp-stack

This would indicate the answer you seek.

Both minimal or full show the same

root@latvijai:~# dpkg -l |grep virtualmin
ii virtualmin-config 6.0.31-1 all Configure a system for use by Virtualmin
ii virtualmin-core 6.0.1 all Metapackage for core Virtualmin dependencies.
ii virtualmin-lamp-stack-minimal 6.1.0+ubuntu-20.04 all Metapackage for Virtualmin LAMP Stack.
ii webmin-virtualmin-awstats 5.11 all Webmin module AWstats Reporting
ii webmin-virtualmin-dav 3.13 all Webmin module Virtualmin DAV
ii webmin-virtualmin-git 1.14 all Webmin module Virtualmin Git Repositories
ii webmin-virtualmin-htpasswd 2.11 all Webmin module Virtualmin Protected Directories
ii webmin-virtualmin-init 2.10 all Webmin module Virtualmin Bootup Actions
ii webmin-virtualmin-registrar 2.10 all Webmin module Virtualmin Domain Registration
ii webmin-virtualmin-slavedns 1.13 all Webmin module Virtualmin Slave DNS
ii webmin-virtualmin-sqlite 1.8 all Webmin module Virtualmin SQLlite Databases
root@latvijai:~# sh ./ --bundle LAMP --minimal

There it is!

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Ah so small letters looked the same. Thx

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