How to change Usermin login page?

I installed Virtualmin and I can access the portal from https://myDomain:10000 but for Usermin the only way is to use https://myIPAddress:20000 how can I change myIPAddress to myDomain?

If you are able to access Virtualmin on port 10000 via your domain name then the domain / DNS records are setup correctly. You are able to access Usermin on port 20000 via the IP addresses so I am a bit puzzled about why the domain does not work.

Check if the vps host’s firewall has port 20000 open.

This step is necessary in case the IP address used by you is a private IP address, which the firewall might not molest.

Also see Unable to access port 10000 in web browser

I really wish people would provide real examples for domain names and ip addresses, it would make troubleshooting so much quicker.

Usermin and Webmin operate the same way. They listen on all IPs, and will answer no matter what domain you use. If there is a certificate for the domain, it will use that certificate.

I can’t imagine why you would see different behavior from Webmin and Usermin.

Thanks it works fine now.

I changed the default ports (10000/20000) to (2087/2097) and new ports works for IP/Doamin on Webmin & only IP for Usermin I restored the ports back to original and they are working fine both IP/Domain still have no idea why Usermin don’t work?

You should check if Usermin is:

  1. Actually can bind to your custom 2097 port
  2. Is running by using systemctl status usermin command
  3. If firewall is not blocking it

I’m using Cloudflare as my DNS provider and I noticed something when I proxy the DNS request the portal doesn’t open for both (Webmin/Usermin) but with no proxy works fine

You opted not to mention that you’re not even talking to the server directly? That’s kind of an important detail to leave out.

It’s only DNS it should not have any impact on port because when I first deployed Virtualmin it works fine for me.

Thanks for the help I found how to fix the issue I have to use one of these ports for Cloudflare or activate additional ones

It is not. Cloudflare is a proxy service.

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