How do I setup nameservers?

Do i really need 2 servers?
Okay no problem, i have one main dedi and one mini vps for it
Main dedi for all + ns1 and mini vps for ns2

Can I know how to do it with cloudflare? Do i just make A records on cloudflare pointing those 2 ips? Then what? I previously used ispconfig and it has some special setup for the ns2 vps so I’m confused here.

Please do let me know. Thanks.

No, two IPs are sufficient.

I only have one IP and Ns1 and Ns2 A (plus the NS records) records point to that IP.

Lucky you… My registrar doesn’t allow NS records with the same IP. What registrar are you with?

Really, I use a Australian registrar TPPWholesale.

The same is true of fasthosts in the uk

Two nameservers with one IP you just don’t have any redundancy.

Thinking about it though if you are web hosting from one server and the server goes down the DNS being down doesn’t matter until it is back up anyway.

For me it’s just easier to use my registrars nameservers. That doesn’t allow me to make custom names if I wanted to.

I would guess there are users out there that think webmin is managing dns when it’s not as the provider’s dns is handing it via their name servers that said switching to using webmin to handle the dns has made my setup much easier

I think for $3.50 US you can set up a low end instance on AWS light speed.

When I got into the business a few decades ago the owner had a ‘sharing’ arrangement with a geographically remote ISP to host each others secondary DNS.

I do think this is an area of major confusion for many.

If you use external DNS go to System Settings > Features and Plugins > uncheck DNS domain

You can then go to DNS Records while on any server and get all the suggested records to put in your external DNS provider.

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For £1.00 gbp i can do the same … i dunno which is more expensive couldn’t be bothered to do the maths

Sorry but that doesn’t explain it, it shows how to use cloudflare, that’s all. I want to know how to setup the name servers with cloudflare like

I have 2 servers with me right now
One for hosting and one for mainly ns2

Are you running webmin on both servers ?

I don’t even understand where you are coming from with this question. Even less of an idea why you are also asking about “cloudflare”. There also appears to be confusion between IPs and nameservers. Add to that the fact you have omitted all the basic information that we know is requested of everyone posting in this category. Is it any wonder why we are confused?

Do what with Cloudflare? Cloudflare provides several services. One of the services they offer is name service. But, why are you asking about setting up your own name servers if you want to host your DNS with Cloudflare?

What 2 IPs? If Cloudflare is providing name service, you don’t need two IPs.

Are you using Cloudflare for DNS or are you wanting to host your own DNS? You need to get clear about what you’re actually trying to do before you try to do it.

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I came from using ISPCONFIG
As I said I’m very confused. I watched some online video on how to setup nameservers but it uses the same IP for ns1 and ns2, I want to use 2 servers for ns1 and ns2 as i bought a mini vps for setting up ns2 while trying out ispconfig and I don’t want it to go to waste.

Chat GPT by chance or Google Search?

So to be clear you are not going to use cloudflare ?

I bought a domain separately for this purpose so if cloudflare isn’t needed then i won’t be using it.

With your webmin servers create a cluster so both servers are linked the go to bind settings and each other as a cluster server. Check on each server to see that both servers are transferring dns zones between themselves. If this is working fine, choose one of the domains you have, go to your providers admin panel and add 2 a records ns1 and ns2 point the one to the ip address of the one webmin server and the other to the ip address of your second webmin server. Wait for thes addresses to resolve, use the linux dig command to check the a records resolve. Once resolved in your providers admin panel change your other domains name servers to the 2 you created earlier but leave the one domain you added the 2 a records with it’s current nameservers. This will allow your name servers to resolve even if you have a bind failure at a later date. You should be good to go but a word of warning do not attempt this unless you understand every step noted