Additional nameservers to server

hi support,

How do I add more nameservers using the same ip address.?
I have the server up and running and need more nameservers.


You can’t add more nameservers to the same address. You can create more A records (e.g. ns1, ns2, ns3, etc.) and NS records to point to those names the same IP, but only one name server can be listening on one IP…adding more names and NS records doesn’t mean you have more name servers and doesn’t provide the reliability that multiple name servers is intended to provide. But, I guess it’ll trick your registrar into letting you point your domains to them.

Here’s the Webmin docs for adding records. You need Address (A) records for each new name (e.g. ns1, ns2), and you need Nameserver (NS) records pointing to those names.

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