/home disk space not right with added external drive

I have a server at home which I added a 2TB drive. I mapped this to a local folder under /home but the folder size needs to be set to increased. The drive is available by FTP but the /home folder is out of space as it still has the size of the original drive without the external drive space added.

I didn’t create a Logical Drive, do I need to do that to get the drive to include the external mapped drive size ?
the EXTDRIVE is mapped to SCSI device B

/home xfs 3% (2.81 GiB) 94.12 GiB /dev/mapper/cl-home
the external drive is mapped to here:

the devices:
SATA device A 152.62 GiB ATA TOSHIBA MK1653GS 2 IDE parameters | Identify drive
SCSI device B 1.86 TiB WD Elements 25A2 1 Identify drive

any help or suggestions would be appreciated

I don’t think resize2fs would work as its for the drive itself.


Operating system CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Webmin version 1.990
Virtualmin version 6.17.pro
Cloudmin version 9.6.real
Kernel and CPU Linux 3.10.0-1160.59.1.el7.x86_64 on x86_64

I don’t know what you mean by “mapped” in these sentences (or, “logical drive” for that matter, as logical volumes don’t have anything to do with what I think you’re trying to accomplish, though I’m not entirely sure).

Generally, I would copy the old /home to the new drive, and then mount the new drive on /home, replacing all of /home with the new drive. This allows quotas to work, among other things that don’t work well across filesystem boundaries.

Logical volumes are irrelevant to that technique. You can use volumes or regular partitions or whatever, doesn’t matter.

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cheers Joe.

I “think” I mounted the new drive onto /home/domain/public_html/EXTDRIVE
I’ll attempt yoru suggestion as well.

I just found this link so I’ll check it out as well.

hi @briand this can be confusing but I think virtualmin/webmin is actually reporting disk space in correct values… basically if you mount your external or internal another hdd as additional space - you mount it into system under some /mnt-point/some-folder and when you request even on command line what space you have it will tell you value including that folder which is additional space on another hdd…

I think that is why you see values as on my screenshot here… i was confused too but then I realised that dashboard just report total value included folders mounted which could be another hdd or even ssh storage.Or perhaps I am wrong but if you look at it from my point of view - I think virtualmin is correct.

oh just re-read your original post… how did you mount drives into system? can you share the info? If you mount the drives correctly follow @Joe advice and you should be fine… also you will see your disk space grown on your dashboard as seen on mine just + additional space…

note: I guess mapped = windows therms to mount drives into system… be it crap ware like smb or anything other with unsecured network attached storage - be it smb or ftp or just ordinary usb.

thanks for feedback. I’ll need to look into it. (not yet had time).

I believe I just mounted the drive (I forget actually how I did it as it was some time ago) onto the folder through the Hardware, Partitions on Local Disks and setup the link to the folder.

I may just copy the files from /home onto the drive (as Joe suggest) and then mount it again as /home (but if I have to reformat I will need to backup the drive first)

Disk size: 1.86 TiB | Make and model: WD Elements 25A2 | Cylinders: 243198 | Partition table format: GPT

my local disk space is :

Local disk space 104.43 GiB used, 145.08 GiB total

it doesn’t show the 1.8TB
the disk usage is:

/ xfs 76% (37.57 GiB) 49.97 GiB /dev/mapper/cl-root
/boot xfs 69% (692.6 MiB) 1014 MiB UUID=9fade7bd-bef7-4f90-ba38-497abb5808b8
/home xfs 3% (2.39 GiB) 94.12 GiB /dev/mapper/cl-home

thats how I mounted the drive

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