Full local disk space. Need guide to expand!

Operating system: CentOS Linux 7.8.2003
Webmin version 1.955
Usermin version 1.803
Virtualmin version 6.12
Local disk space 7.13 GiB used / 625.8 MiB free / 7.74 GiB total

I am a newbie, after lots of time find a way to expand disk space myself, I cannot do anything

I go to Webmin -> Hardware -> Partitions on Local Disks and see I have 2 disks:

1: SCSI device A = 102.39 GiB - VMware virtual disk

Location SCSI device A partition 1 Device file /dev/sda1
Type Linux EXT Extent 1 - 13055 of 13054
Status Not in use Size 102.4 GiB

2: SATA device B = 8.18 GiB - ATA VMware Virtual I

Location SCSI device B partition 1 Device file /dev/sdb1
Type Linux EXT Extent 1 - 1045 of 1044
Status Mounted on / as ext4 Size 8.19 GiB

Please guide me how to merge disk 1 into disk 2 because my disk 2 is currently full


It can be done but it’s not easy to merge two separate disks and make them appear as one. Best thing would be to move the home directory over to the other hard drive. There are guides on how to do this.

You have a 102 GB disk and a 8 GB disk. You have installed Virtualmin on the 8 GB disk. You have run out of storage space and wish to use the larger disk.

The easiest way forward for a newbie would be to take a backup of your websites / virtual servers, reinstall Virtualmin on the larger disk and restore your backups.

The advanced user would take the quicker route of creating an image / snapshot (hey, your VPS host might offer this feature, you should check) of the 8 GB, restore to the 102 GB disk and boot from it. Another option is to keep using the 8 GB but mount /home to the larger disk.

Which of these would you like to do?

thanks stuckinthehouse

Yes calport,
I checked VPS host and found that I can take snapshot from my small disk. but cannot find a way to restore and boot from the other. Can you guide me how to do that please? Thanks a lot

Well, it depends on the VPS host of course, but try to create a new VPS and when asked to select an OS, choose your snapshot… that will most likely restore it on the new VPS without risk to what you have working currently.

thanks I will try

The problem is I don’t think that it will resize the old partions to the new size so you’ll end up with a 8GB system on your 100GB drive plus you will also have to install grub to point to your new OS since it will probably still boot into your old (small) OS. If it’s just your home drive you are filing up, I would move it to the new drive and just mount it on boot and you’ll have to change your ftab. There are many guides to do this. If it’s your OS that’s grown to big then you will have no choice but to figure out how to move it.


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