Help with ssl and configure it

hello imfinding it hard to install my ssl certificate from namaecheap to my webmin/virtualmin server im using the nginx server side instend of apache server i have ubuntu server 20.04 installed to which is working fine

what im trying to say is i have tried that inthe tutorial that u gave me but i have already brought a ssl certificate with my domain befor i installed webmin/virtualmin on my ubuntu server and trying to add my namecheap ssl to webmin / virtualmin sever

im also getting this error when i add my namecheap sll certificate too

ssl settings, add your own cert.
Server Configuration → SSL Certificate → Update Certificate and Key → (add your own).

check this sectigo guide for help on which cert to add : Apache Open SSL : SectigoStore

im using nginx and not the apache server so how do i convert the apache ssl into the nginx ssl cert

the other domain name look wrong. Localhost and castlivenow especially.

what do you mean

thats how webmin/virtualminpro installed on my sever

those names wont match the certificate.

oh right so how do i solve that then

cert is the same for any webservice. there’s no conversion.
just use the correct cert as written in sectigo’s instructions.

thats what im doing im using my namecheap ssl but when i install it i get the error in the screenshot above

Is this a wildcard certificate? you have a *.domain that indicates that. I’ve seen in other post it can be hard to install.

im not sure but this is my ssl crt from namecheap

Ok, I see its self signed from screenshot, maybe it was the wrongs doc.
check here
this dedicates you need a desperate IP from the rest of the other shared domains.
Any reason you don’t just use lets encrypted? (life is so much easier)
I haven’t paid for a certificate since this became available.

i didnt know lets encrypwas free and i was told i need to buy an ssl with my domain to

sure is, just use this screen. Renew is every 3 months (virtualmin will automatically renew 3 weeks before expiry).

ok cool so what do i do with the ssl cert i brought from namecheap then

Well its not needed unless you want to try to work out how to install it.