Help with setting up a streaming video chat server

OS type and version ubuntu server 20.04
Virtualmin version 1.861

hello im trying to setup my own streaming video chat website so people can go live just like they can on facebook and titko but i want to make my own website and i have the LEMP webmin and virtualmin installed on my own ubuntu server 20.04 and i want to setup my own email sever on the same server to and im using nginx and trying to setup wordpress too any help would be greatful ps im also using virtualmin pro i also have my domain name with namecheap too and im using there dns too and ssl

This sounds a bit familiar…

video streaming and chat are applications and nothing to do with Virtualmin (which is for managing your server.) These applications (like WP) involve quite a bit of additional skill to maintain. You are taking on quite a lot.

I do have a couple of clients who have chat applications installed on their websites and might have even one streaming videos but they are not my concern - they are NodeJS applications and are provided and maintained by my clients.

There are a whole bunch of examples on the net using Nodejs, Go, Python and just about any other code base you fancy. and as such are not really the topics of this forum.

However. if you have a domain name you at least have made a start. I assume that you have set it up as a virtual server and can see it on the web by entering https://yourdomainname

If all is well then email is pretty straightforward with Virtualmin.
Edit Users -> add user with this server

then it is down to you to test to at least check that emails are received and sent server-side. Usermin (you have it with Webmin) is very helpful here.

Then there is a pile of other code required to set it up on a website (authentication security etc) WP can do a lot of this (but personally - I don’t have a single site using it and won’t).

Oh! and I don’t have a positive opinion of namecheap (or some of the others) either particularly the way they seem to sucker folk in with addons. But each to their own. (I use 3-4 and have found most have some issues)

And a PPS! That Virtualmin Version makes no sense. I think you mean “Usermin Version 1.861” the current Virtualmin Version is 7.7. If you have the dashboard showing there is a handy shortcut at the top right - to copy basic system information to your clipboard tp paste at the top of a new post - stops folk like me asking / nagging if nothing else, and helps others know if they can help.

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sure, have you enabled all apache plugins for the app? - is it not working for you still? - chat to app developer - this have nothing to do with virtualmin.

Isnt what you are looking for?

I think it is running in docker, so if I understand this correctly, you can first install OS, install virtualmin, setup mailserver and lastly install owncast :slight_smile:

Than you have running virtualmin with mailserver and owncast on the same physical server. Best practice here would be to run it separately for example in virtual server, as Im not sure if this wont affect virtualmin in any way, but as this is running already in docker (container), I THINK it is safe to go.


EDIT: I have just realized that virtualmin and owncast will collide when it comes to webserver access… You can setup Virtualmin webserver, as you have LEMP, so NGINX as reverse proxy to owncast. Just take care about which ports are used by NGINX from virtualmin and other webserver from owncast, so there wont be a collision between these 2 :slight_smile:

No they won’t. You have thousands of ports. Or, Owncast can probably also operate on a named socket, instead of a port.

thank you guys for the help much appreciated

i havent configured postfix to send and receive emails and i was thinking about setting up roundcube email client or can i just use virtualmin on its own

You are mixing a lot of other things together.

Its mandatory to understand what is postfix and what is roundcube.

Postfix is MTA, aka Mail Transfer Agent, and this is truthfully SMTP server, which is SENDING and RECEIVING emails from other SMTP servers.

Roundcube is on the other hand MUA, which stands for Mail User Agent, it acts as a mediator between you, as a user, and your SMTP server. MUA is also Outlook for example, which will let you type emails and read them, as well as you can in Roundcube.

So the Scheme is something like this:

USER → MUA (Roundcube / Outlook) → MTA (Postfix) → — ETHERNET — → MTA → MUA

Virtualmin have built in MUA client called Usermin, which lets you browse and type emails as well as Roundcube or Outlook.

Alternatively, you can install Roundcube, and use it instead of Usermin.

So to answer your question - When you sucesfully installed Virtualmin, postfix is practically good to go, it works out of the box, you just have to configure afew things like SMTP server hostname, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, rDNS, and also dont forget to check A and MX records for your domain. Dont get me wrong, sending and receiving emails will actually most probably work (receiving will work only with good A and MX records), but mailservers which are receiving your emails will most probably block you right away.

This is a more complex topic that I cannot fully cover here, but you have got those shortcuts that I write above, just use Google or ChatGPT, and you will find everything you need to set it up - it is not that much complex when you invest afew hours of your time.

btw, thanks for correction Joe :slight_smile:

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Please don’t mix up a bunch of questions in one topic. Mail is wholly unrelated to video chat servers.

ok joe thanks for the help and sorry for the confussion in my post to and i read the dos and dont and im trying my best to do things right and im learning as im going a long as im new to all of this

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You’re welcome to ask lots of questions, just keep each topic focused on one problem/question. It’s too hard to keep up with conversations when they wander all over the place.

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