FTP not working for any server except root

OS type and version: Ubuntu 18.04
Webmin version: 1.973
Virtualmin version: 6.16

A noob question but I can’t login through FTP when I use an FTP account. Here’s what I have. I created a server with domain example.com, password 1234. Then I went to Edit Users > Add FTP only account. I made an account test@example.com, password 7890.

Now, I can login through FTP using these settings:
Host: example.com
Port: 22
User: example
Password: 1234

But I can’t login with these settings:
Host: example.com
Port: 22
User: test or test@example.com
Password: 7890

I get an error “Connection has been unexpectedly closed”. What am I doing wrong?

hi @Vipul.K ftp is very old and insecure way to connect however ftp uses port 21 SSH uses port 22 hence correct your connection and it should works if your FTP server was set up correctly

edit… SSH is safest way.

I’m using SCP with Port 22, I mentioned that in my post.

Set it to use FTP on port 21 and it will work.

Have you checked your error logs?

Would it be apache error log? I didn’t find any ftp logs in /var/log/.

Nothing in the apache logs though.

In Webmin check the log files for /var/log/message or /var/log/secure
by default erros are reported to System log, and I did see some come up there when I got a bad login at /var/log/secure.


So /var/log/secure is /var/log/auth.log on my server. In it there is this entry.

Jul 22 11:52:16 primary sshd[32232]: Accepted password for test@example.com from [MYIP] port [PORT] ssh2

Well the fact it accepting password, sounds like it not a authentication issue. Maybe go to protfd forums and search for solutions there. I use Centos and it works fine.

Alright thanks.

Edit: I’m not able to register there. Do you or someone else have an account there and let them know about this bug? The captcha doesn’t show up and it gives me an error about that. There’s no contact form or info.