Fresh install, postfix not displayed on server status (main page)

OS type and version Debian Linux 12
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Webmin version 2.105
Theme version 21.09.5


My (little) trouble is on a fresh install, similar to an old one (server transfert).
Under “Server Status” of the main page I have
On the old, I have “Postfix Mail Server” displayed
On the new one, I have “Mail Server” with the link going on Qmail (not install, but Postfix is installed)

Where clould I modify this ?

Thanks in advance


Not sure why but I had the same problem.

Go to “Virtualmin → System Settings → Virtualmin Configuration” and select “Mail server to configure” as “Postfix”. I had “Detect automatically” there, and it caused exactly the symptoms you mentioned.

Thanks for your answer, but I used a more total solution: I remove/reinstall webmin.

Weirdly, I have the same issue on fresh install on Almalinux 9 - Dovecot and Postfix not showing on Servers Status…
“Virtualmin → System Settings → Virtualmin Configuration”, “Mail server to configure” was already set as “Postfix”…
Both are definitely running as checked with systemctl status.

That’s crazy. That’s never a reasonable idea.

Is everyone who is seeing this problem running Debian 12 or some other distro/version?

And, did any of you install using the --minimal flag?

Hey Joe,
I don’t think so… sadly I did use the wrong install script though from here
thanks to these incorrect instructions
Install Virtualmin and Webmin on AlmaLinux 9 in 4 steps – Adnan Halilovic Blog
Next time I’ll use this!

And I just noticed, on this page under Virtualmin, Postfix and Dovecot are not listed as well

And I disabled Dovecot anyway… but still need Postfix… same setup as my other servers…

I reported my issue on Email settings not being saved
The OS was Ubuntu 22.04. And I don’t remember setting any flags anywhere.

I don’t think vmhv’s issue is exactly the same as Sfullak’s, as Dovecot was listed on the Status page for both me and Sfullak. And it’s not the same as for me, as the “Mail server to configure” option resolved the problem for me, but not for vmhv.

as JanisE, no flag during install

Using the installation script from our GitHub repos isn’t recommended; however, it isn’t the source of the issues you’re having!

I know… I realised afterwards… thus why I documented here for others…

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