Email settings not being saved

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04
Webmin version 2.105
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
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I’ve recently installed Virtualmin on a new server, created one virtual server, created an e-mail user by “Edit Users → Add mail user”, but it seems the e-mail settings do not get saved. I’ve tried several times to edit the user and under “Email settings” re-add “Additional email addresses” and select “Primary email address enabled” to “Yes”, but when I open the user settings again, there are no additional email addresses and the primary email address enabled is reset to “No”.

I do not see any error messages being displayed. The saving simply does not work.

What could be the problem?

Not sure if this is how it should be, but on the users’ list on the “Edit Users” page, that user has value “None” for “Login access”, although when I open the user for editing, “Login permissions” value is “Email only”.

Hello @JanisE and welcome to the community.

Try Virtualmin → Edit Users → Add a user to this server. You will then see the Create User screen. Fill out the form. That’s all there is to it. This is all you need to do in Virtualmin to create an email address in a virtual server / domain.

Since you are new to Virtualmin, I suggest you get email working for a few email addresses first before you fiddle with additional email addresses to BCC outgoing email.

OK, so instead of “Virtualmin → Edit Users → Add mail user” I did “Virtualmin → Edit Users → Add user”.

I filled in the “Email address” field, “Password”, “Real name” and nothing else, and saved.

I then reopened that user and tried separately to switch “Primary email address enabled” to “Yes”, and add some e-mails in “Additional email addresses” and save, but they do not get saved.

The only difference is that “Login permissions” on the user edit page is now displayed as “Email and FTP”, and “Login access” on the user list page is now displayed as “FTP only”.

This sounds like you have changed something on the server that is causing this issue, just tried using both methods (Add Mail User & Add User) in the ways you describe and it worked fine. Have you edited anything away from the stock install ?
this was tested on a virtualmin server running the same OS as you and totally untouched from the virtualmin install

The OS was installed by the hosting company, so I do not know how exactly they installed it.

But I probably found the problem.

I had Postfix installed and running, but not Qmail. (I think this was by default.)
If I open “Virtualmin → System Settings → Virtualmin Configuration”, the option “Mail server to configure” was set to “Detect automatically”. Apparently, the automatical detection was not working correctly, and it thought I was using Qmail. “Virtualmin → Dashboard → Servers Status” listed Qmail as not running, but did not list Postfix.

I changed “Detect automatically” to “Postfix”, and now I can successfully save “Additional email addresses”, “Primary email address enabled”, and also “Servers Status” now lists Postfix as running, not Qmail.

Qmail should not be on your server, Virtualmin uses Postfix.

The OS used for the Virtualmin installation should be Grade A, completely clean, with a minimal install. The Virtualmin install script will install everything you’ll need.

This will help avoid issues like this and many others that haven’t manifested yet.

What do you think was the problem with the OS that made Virtualmin detect the mail server as being Qmail even though it was not installed?

Autodetect should never be the default in a proper Virtualmin installation. I highly recommend reinstalling using our recommendations from the download page:

A lot of people have trouble with hosting installed Virtualmin. Can you start over with a fresh OS and install as @Ilia suggests?

I already used that download page and install script, and completed the installation and post-installation prompts, leaving most of it as they were by default. I don’t know what went wrong.

I cannot reinstall anymore, the site has gone live. Let’s hope the “Mail server to configure” was the only misconfigured option. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for suggestions!

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