Forward email does not work

|Ubuntu 22.04.01 |
|Webmin version 2.0.13 |
|Virtualmin version 7.5 |

I am trying to forward all incoming emails but it seems that it is not possible.
I follow the following steps.
I have tested my account for derivability and it sends emails to the specific account. then

From Virtualmin

Does does not deliver locally.

I have also tried from Usermin

I get the forward but not the local
If I uncheck the Forward to other address then it delivers locally.

Then I have configured it at Filters and Forwarding Mail

But in order to achieve it I had to allow mailbox users to create mail filters

which I do not want to do for all my clients.
Only with these settings it can function as it should.

Work fine with my system on screenshot 1 only. It deliverers locally and forwards. Not sure what Spamassin got to do with it.

Do you have spamassassin disabled ?

can you post maillog of a email that doesn’t deliver eitherway?

works fine here btw, but in general “forwarding” should be considered bad practice and avoided.

My clients using this practice for more than a decade. I cannot refuse it since exist in all major CPs.
But since it exist, it should work too.

functionality does work as i wrote, but recipient mail servers might block forwarding email, since it messes with various mail protection practices.

It works with the same servers as using “Filters and Forwarding Mail” and also worked before in a Plesk server.

I have the exact same problem with ubuntu 22.04.2 and latest Virtualmin 7.5 and Webmin 2.021.

See … Some e-mails bounced with unknown user but are forwarded

The filter option in Usermin works as a workaround. Thank you for that.

Also if you add a forwarder in usermin ‘mail forwarding and Replies’ ->’ Forward to another address’ → Yes, forward to The mail is not delivered and not forwarded, sender gets a message from MAILER-DAEMON that the message could not be delivered with the reason ’ too many hops’

Not normal behavior i guess ?