First steps in Virtualmin

Hello everyone, I wanted to know if there is a page where the sections on creating plans are explained. I have used cpanel and plesk before, but other names were used for the plan characteristics.

I searched and found this:

This is the content:

Does anyone have a page where they give details?, thanks.

Which of those items could be explained better for you?

What is it?
Aliases, alias server, non-alias server, user (mail o ftp o adicional login).

Aliases are additional email addresses for a user.

eg a business might have a user mary@ who also handles email for accounts@ and reception@ . Rather than creating 3 accounts that then have to be checked individually, 2 aliases are added to mary@.

If you have a look at any domain you have created under Virtualmin you will see 4 aliases created on the domain owners account - abuse@ hostmaster@ postmaster@ and webmaster@.

Visit this link.

there is more help in the form, click on the ? icon.


See if my notes help. I came from cPanel.

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